Fitness industry calls for common sense approach to outdoor exercise.

Fitness Australia is calling for the Victorian Government to apply common sense and allow Melbourne personal trainers to resume 1:1 outdoor training with their clients now that new outdoor exercise relaxations have come into effect from today.

CEO Barrie Elvish said the reduction in restrictions for outdoor exercise were welcomed but to exclude personal trainers from restarting 1:1 outdoor training did not make sense.

Mr Elvish said:

“Two hours of outdoor exercise is certainly better than one and we welcome the increased allowance of two people or a household to gather outside for a maximum of two hours. However, we are calling on the Victorian Government to take a common sense approach and allow personal trainers to resume 1:1 outdoor training with their clients who live locally.”

“Isolation has impacted the lives of Victorians tremendously and we know people’s mental health has been greatly affected. Personal trainers can play a vital role in getting people back into safe and regular exercise and we know it can be done safely and with relevant social distancing and hygiene practices in place under the current First Step restrictions.”

“Many people in our community turn to exercise to help with a range of health conditions including anxiety, rehabilitation, injury recovery as well as it being a preventative measure for long-term health and wellbeing. With a prolonged absence from their personal trainer many people will relapse or even hurt themselves trying to train on their own without qualified supervision.”

Mr Elvish said Fitness Australia was also calling on the government to readdress its position and allow personal trainers to access their place of work to safely film digital content so more people can train safely with an exercise professional from home.

Mr Elvish said:

“Gyms and personal trainers need to be allowed to safely create digital content for the benefit of their members and the broader community. On one hand the government is allowing a larger window of time to exercise outdoors yet on the other hand is making it difficult for people to access professional training from the safety of their home.”

“People are looking for more ways to keep active in isolation and digital workouts are the ideal way for people to keep in touch with their personal trainer or participate in a virtual group class.

“The health and safety of everyone across Melbourne and Victoria is very important, which is why having access to safe and professional training either 1:1 outdoors or virtually should be allowed.”