Following the recent announcement of the winners of the annual Genesis Fitness 12-week challenge, Belgravia Health is pleased to report total participant numbers are up almost 500% on last year’s entrant figures.

The 12-week ‘Your New Beginning’ (YNB) challenge is offered through Genesis Fitness Clubs nationally.

The YNB challenge offers access to nutrition plans, MYZONE monitoring, seminars and progress tracking with a prize pool for the national male and female division winners.

The YNB challenge, which has seen more than 15,000 people participate in the last six years, has been split into two divisions for the first time this year – Coaching Zone and one-on-one PT – to accommodate the introduction of the Coaching Zone within 29 Genesis clubs. Entrants can now train and compete as part of the Coaching Zone model or enter by training one-on-one with a Genesis trainer.

The growth of entrant numbers this year for the challenges was as follows:

2018 – total 6,210 2017 – total 1,244
Genesis Your New Beginning entrants 4278 978
Genesis Your New Beginning – Coaching Zone entrants 1172 N/A

CEO of Belgravia Health Ian Jensen-Muir said both the Genesis and Coaching Zone franchise systems were very pleased with the response to the challenges this year, with the offering attracting new members and strengthening relationships with existing members.

“The phenomenal growth can be attributed to the incredible success stories of members who have completed the challenge. Losing 5, 10, or 25kg is life changing, and our members are proud to share with colleagues, families and friends how result driven the YNB program is,” he said.

“We attribute the success of the challenges to the level of support that’s provided – the combination of nutrition support, coaching, the MYZONE live monitoring and the supportive community atmosphere at the clubs. The prize pool is a great incentive too – but it’s not the main reason people take part. Feedback shows us that people are really just looking for that extra edge, something to push them to make a change they want to make – and something to keep them motivated and accountable.”

“Some gym members whose training and results may have hit a plateau have found new goals and motivation through these challenges. It’s an intense period where many challengers confront physical, mental and/or emotional hurdles and they often forge wonderful new friendships with fellow members and trainers during the 12 weeks. Reading the essays submitted by challengers at the end of the challenge is an emotional yet inspiring process for our team.”