Fitness Show Event Director, Shaun Krenz, Weighs in on the Top Fitness Trends for 2020

ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal has released its Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2020, but we want to know if these global trends hold up in Australia.

Shaun Krenz, Event Director for the Fitness Shows, weighs in on the Australian health and fitness landscape and provides some insight into top trends he is seeing across the fitness industry locally.

Trend 1: Wearable Tech

It’s no surprise wearable tech tops the list yet again. Within our Fitness Show audiences nationally, 80% of our annual visitors use wearables every day. Wearables have completely revolutionised the way our visitors and consumers track their health and improve their habits. We look forward to new tech releases from the major players in 2020.

Trend 2: High-Intensity Interval Training

At the Fitness Show we curate over 50 hours of HIIT classes each year with over 4,000 attendees nationally partaking in the sessions led by Australia’s top HIIT instructors including Chontel Duncan as well as international guests like Kelsey Wells. We’re looking forward to increasing the capacity for this style of training at our 2020 events to meet consumer demand!

Trend 3: Group Training

Following HIIT, we’re also seeing great demand for Group Training at the Fitness Show. Our visitors seek access to and motivation from leading coaches and trainers directly. The style of training has existed at the Fitness Show as a staple, with classes held by Keep it Cleaner duo Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw as well as fighting fit mum and trainer Tiffiny Hall.

Trend 4: Training with Free Weights

Kettlebells, battle ropes, resistance bands are all showing up across all corners of fitness and we see that change happening on the Fitness Show event floor as well. More options are becoming increasingly available to the consumer (mini-bands, sliders, foam rollers, etc) and are now being seen as “must-have” workout tools. The rise of free weights is providing consumers even more flexibility in their training options whether at home or in-gym.

Trend 5: Personal Training

While Personal Training remains important, consumers are more and more seeking individualised training for lower costs. Personal Training may be rising, but we are also seeing a rise in fitness apps (SWEAT, Keep it Cleaner, Centr) and expect them to continue to cut into the market share of training expenses.

Trend 6: Exercise is Medicine®

The understanding that exercise is an integral ingredient towards overall wellbeing is long now embedded in our thinking. The Fitness Show is perfect for those looking to find a fitness style that is suitable to them in that it showcases all forms of fitness, providing unique learning and motivational experiences for all visitors.

Trend 7: Bodyweight Training

Body-weight training—using your own weight for resistance, as opposed to free weights or machines—is great for building muscle, if you lack equipment (like when you’re traveling); or when you just want to avoid the gym’s grunting masses. This style of training is highlighted within its own feature area at the Fitness Show, where we offer a fully dedicated Calisthenics arena that showcases the art of using your own bodyweight as a means to maximise strength and performance.

Trend 8: Fitness Programs for Older Adults

Over the years, it has been great to see the Fitness Equipment providers leading the way in this regard, in that they are now offering types of machines for all demographics. The modern gym floor is now ripe with equipment offerings that are specific for older adults and some of these will be on display at the Fitness Shows 2020.

Trend 9: Health and Wellness Coaching

We’re doubling down on this trend in 2020 at the Fitness Show Sydney with the introduction of our Nutrition Hub to complement the content on our Wellness Hub. Visitors are desperate for more information to help them make healthier and more educated choices on the food they consume, the exercise they complete and how they monitor their progression to see results.

Trend 10: Employing Certified Fitness Professionals

No surprise here as the importance of hiring certified professionals will forever be important and at the Fitness Show we have Australia’s leading Training Organisations, offering the full spectrum of educational and certification programs that are fully accredited for health & fitness professionals.

The Fitness Show returns in 2020 with 3 events. Save the date for:

  • Fitness Show Sydney, May 1-3, 2020, ICC Sydney;
  • Fitness Show B2B, May 1-2, 2020, ICC Sydney, Level 4;
  • Fitness Show Melbourne, October 24-25, 2020, MCEC.

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