Branded 3D Virtual Tours supports higher conversion rates in fitness businesses, boutique studios and sales & marketing acquisition activities.

Low membership numbers can be a major issue at gyms. The operating costs and upkeep are often very high for a fitness centre and you rely on membership dues to keep the gym running. Traditional advertising strategies and discounted membership fees are only effective to a certain degree and do not do enough to continually extend the reach of your gym. The key to the success of any gym is to get potential members in the door; to find a way to drive them to your gym.

Fitness enthusiasts take many factors into consideration before choosing to purchase a gym membership. More often than not, these potential members want to experience your Fitness Center to see if your gym meets all their criteria. Gym Click Media’s Fitness Center Virtual Tour Services make it increasingly easy and affordable for prospective members to gain full access to your gym virtually from the comfort of their computer, ultimately aiding in their decision to choose your fitness centre. Aside from the first ­person walkthrough style experience, our Gym Click Media’s Virtual Tour, Photography and Videography Service provides your gym with features that cannot be captured with a simple photograph.

Things such as:

● Interactive custom buttons that allow you to integrate visual media, and introduce your personal trainers.

● Info boxes which can display your juice bar menu and prices.

● Custom slides which can be linked to pages that contain information regarding supplements, schedule of available workout classes, promotional events, and weight watching groups.

Gym Click Media makes it simple to justify competitive pricing by highlighting any specialty amenities your gym may offer like a lap pool, sports facilities, special workout classes, a supplement store, spa treatments, juice bar, and more.

Potential gym members will be able to see that the prices they are paying are indicative of the quality service and thorough care they will be receiving. Help ease any concern of price, by giving your members the ability to see exactly where their money is going towards with our professional 3D Virtual Tour Services.

Whether you have the most state of the art gym, amenities, and equipment available or a garage-style gym for fitness enthusiasts; the goal is to find an innovative way to allow potential members to build a relationship with your fitness centre. After viewing a 3D Virtual Tour of your gym and learning and interacting with it, they will no doubt feel a connection to your Fitness Center and in turn, help you gain many more valuable members.