The electric bike (eBike) industry is one of the fastest growing sectors across the world. Navigant Research predicts global eBike sales will increase from 2016’s sales figures of $15.7 billion to $24.3 billion in 2025.

Bikes have been around for just over two centuries so what has caused this ‘sudden’ sales boom and in particular the increased demand for cargo eBikes?

According to retired professional golfer, owner and founder of Dolomiti Electric Bicycles, John Zanol:

“eBikes are becoming extremely popular in Australia because people are starting to appreciate the convenience, affordability, accessibility and green footprint of electric bikes. Not to mention the range of other benefits that go with them, they’ve become so much more advanced than the traditional bike.”

“While eBike sales are growing at a strong rate, the desire for cargo eBikes is even stronger. Cargo eBikes are the new ‘must have’ in eBikes. We are selling lots of them and many people are also choosing to customise their cargo eBikes to suit their specific circumstances. Cargo eBikes are essentially an eBike with an extended body line or wheel base to incorporate carriage areas either at the front or back of the eBike for kids, groceries, pets, and other things.”

“They are also excellent vehicles for people who undertake mobile businesses like letterbox deliveries, drinks and food sales, tourism rides, or door to door deliveries. Many cargo eBikes also come with three wheels to provide additional stability for people lugging loads around all day.”

“For many people, cargo eBikes are a better option than motor bikes and cars. They can travel across town easily, don’t require top ups at petrol stations and are simpler and cheaper to maintain – and you can park them just about anywhere. The prices for cargo eBikes vary.  Riese and Muller is the most popular brand of cargo eBike that we sell. They have a broader range of load luggers than most other eBike brands.”

Since its inception in 2011, demand for John’s eBikes has nearly doubled every year.

“My hope is to see Australians all across the country using them,” John added. “I would like to see the Government doing more to incentivise people to purchase their first eBike. The first home buyers grant proved very popular – helping first time home owners to get into the property market. Ideally, what I’d like to see is the Government introduce a ‘first eBike grant’ to help people purchase an eBike and get into the pedelec market.   A grant upfront will help reduce expenses for Government in other areas such as public transport and roads.”

“With all new technology, price can be a factor. There is no doubt, incentives influence purchasing decisions. A Government grant will help people to purchase their first eBike and experience the benefits of owning an eBike. They are cost effective and convenient. One charge only costs a few cents and will travel up to 200km. They are used for transport, recreation, exercise and fun. Businesses and Government are now using them as well. Why not speed up adoption of eBikes with a ‘first eBike grant’? It makes economic sense.I’d like the Government to seriously consider doing this.”

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