From Melbourne design brand, Knog – creators of urban-flavoured tech for the road, trail and outdoors – comes a true expression of versatility: the dynamic Knog+ (Plus) Free light. Made for runners, campers and commuters, the Plus Free ensures you are highly visible by other road users, runners, and fellow campers, with style.

Highly versatile, the Plus Free features an integrated wearable clip function that truly facilitates freedom of use. Weighing just 12 grams, simply attach the light to your shirt, shorts, backpack or socks when travelling in an urban setting for significantly increased visibility and safety in transit. The Plus Free is also ideal in nature settings, attaching seamlessly to your tent or other temporary structures.

Built for nocturnal commuting and outdoor adventures, the Plus Free light is USB rechargeable, so no charging cable required – and it’s thanks to this integrated USB plug that the Plus Free can withstand the elements.

The perfect companion for the outdoors, this 100% waterproof light is equipped with 5 different light modes to suit your needs, including steady, pulse, strobe, fancy flash, eco flash.

Boasting a powerful battery for its size, the Plus Free guarantees maximum brightness at 40 lumens, with an overall run time of up to 20 hours in eco-flash mode – ideal for those wishing to remain active throughout the night with maximum safety and visibility.

Equipped with an array of interchangeable accessories, including dynamic clip and optional O-Ring for added security while in motion, Knog is built by adventure lovers for fellow adventurers.

To order now online, or to find your nearest stockist visit – available from the 14th of October, everywhere.

Knog+ Free Light RRP From: $29.99


Plus twinpack run times

Light Output: 40 lumens Highest

Dimensions: 14 x 66 x 18mm

Weight: 12g