Barcelona-based A-Champs, creators of the world renowned ROX and accompanying ROX Pro Smart Training Assistant, is pleased to announce the appointment of an Australian-based distribution arm, aptly entitled, ROXPro ANZ.

The Australian website will exclusively service the local market initiatively, with a long-term view of managing the Asia Pacific region as the business expands.

Already hard at work building relationships with National Sports Organisations interested in gaining a competitive advantage through the connecting of physical & mental speed, ROXPro ANZ have already forged domestic partnerships with Tennis Australia, Squash Australia and Table Tennis Victoria, with many more on the horizon.

A-Champs Founder & CEO, Kilian Saekel, was enthusiastic when discussing the appointment.

“Darren and his team bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the global setup at A-Champs, not just in the fitness industry but from a growth marketing perspective also.”

“We are excited at the prospect of developing a strong market presence in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region and feel confident that the product will resonate with a varied audience of fitness experts, elite teams, gym enthusiasts and home fitness participants alike.”

Darren Hewitt, Chief Commercial Officer at ROXPro ANZ, was equally as enthusiastic when pressed about his decision to partner with A-Champs.

“I’ve been in the fitness industry for close to two decades, and I believe that the ROX are an absolute game-changer when it comes to improving performance and training output.”

“You only have to look at the fact that the ROX Training Program was backed by the ASICS Tenkan-Ten growth accelerator to know that Kilian and the A-Champs team have developed something very special.”

“The inclusion of vibration, to accompany both light and sound, tocreate all-round sensory experience and aid cognitive motor development, was the sealer. I see so many ways in which the ROX can benefit an individual, whether they are an athlete, a rehab patient, a child or even a grandparent!”

The ROXPro ANZ website is now live and offering Free Shipping Australia- wide on all orders.

### ROX Pro uses a mix of coloured lights, vibrations and sound in order to stimulate the brain. Research has shown that this technology, used in sports training, can improve reaction time, speed, focus, decision making, concentration and memory of athletes. Furthermore, the same technology used in rehabilitation, via the balance feature ‘UPala’, has been shown to increase the therapeutic effectiveness of your treatments by making rehab sessions more enjoyable and functional.

The ROX ‘pods’ are controlled through a mobile application. Pro-level drills are loaded, with a function to track single-player & team performance.

The pods light up in a range of different colour combinations. Light, sound and vibration levels are adjustable via the app to create a host of training objectives. The speaker specifically presents unique audio alerts of both buzzer and bell sounds, with planned upgrades to expand upon the range of audio sounds.