The Healthy Ageing Institute is excited to announce a new partnership with FITREC.

A partnership that is designed to expand and improve opportunities for professionals and broaden the influence of our Health and Fitness Industry.

Both parties will be teaming up to host The Healthy Ageing Summit to be held in Brisbane from the 27th – 29th of March 2020. With a focus on training the over 45’s demographic, the Summit is the first of its kind in Australia. Both nationally and internationally renowned speakers will be presenting on all aspects of working with this Active Ageing population.

The over 45’s demographic is increasing by more than 34% a year – A statistic that has led some to suggest that any fitness business that chooses to ignore this demographic over the coming years will be left behind!

Healthy Ageing Institute Founder Ken Baldwin says that the partnership with FITREC was a ‘no brainer’ and that “our values and goals are well aligned with FITREC’s. Specifically, to see that professionals have access to the best ongoing education in all areas.”.

FITREC Managing Director Dennis Hosking says that “fitness  professionals are always looking for ways to better serve their community. The Healthy Ageing Summit is a fantastic opportunity for them to broaden their scope and better connect with and serve a growing demographic.”

Dennis adds that a key benefit for FITREC registered professionals attending the summit is the ability to include a certificate and images from the event on their professional profile. “To see this level of industry development adds credibility to any professional, especially when dealing with the general public and allied health professionals. As far as FITREC is concerned, it also adds to their unique FITREC rating – a benchmarking tool for all FITREC registered professionals.”

FITREC and The Healthy Ageing Institute look forward to welcoming all leading professionals to the Summit in March 2020.