Industry Leaders Roundtable Set To Launch In New Zealand In 2018.

On Friday at FitEx, the annual New Zealand fitness conference, Managing Director of Active Management Justin Tamsett announced the launch of the New Zealand Industry Leaders Roundtables. After 12 years of successfully operating in Australia, the Industry Leaders Roundtable is will have its first meetings in New Zealand in 2018. The invitation to join this group is exclusively extended to fitness business owners, managing directors and CEOs.

Award-winning Roundtable Facilitator Justin Tamsett has conducted 173 Roundtable meetings to-date, but until now, the timing to extend the program over the ditch has not been viable.

“I’ve given up on the Wallabies winning a Bledisloe game, let alone the Bledisloe Cup, so the time is right,” Tamsett says, jokingly (sort of).

The Industry Leaders Roundtables provide a unique opportunity for similar businesses from non-competing geographical regions to share ideas, examine business challenges, and gain inspiration and motivation to take your professional success to new levels. Roundtables are the most unique business development program on the planet. Over 500 gyms, fitness studios and personal training businesses from all around the world are reaping the benefits. It’s expected that New Zealand operators will be lining up to become involved.

The success of Roundtables lies in the power of collaborative thinking among people who share similar business goals. All meetings are professionally facilitated, which ensures your business receives maximum value for your investment of time and finances. Roundtables operate on a unique environment of trust, which relies on the following two rules:

  1. What is said during a Roundtable stays with the Roundtable – confidentiality is paramount. Members must feel genuinely comfortable with this responsibility.
  2. There are no competitors on the same Roundtable. This means the first people to apply and be accepted, will determine who may join in the future.

The first New Zealand Roundtable will be held in either Auckland or Wellington in March. Each meeting is held over two and a half days, and in 2018 they’ll be conducted after March in July and November. To join the New Zealand Fitness Industry Leaders Roundtable, you must be:

  • the Managing Director, CEO or business owner of an independent fitness business; or at least have full decision-making authority in the business.
  • committed to raising the standard for your business.
  • open to innovative thinking.

The Industry Leaders Roundtable is limited to no more than 15 members. Remember, there will be no competitors on the same Roundtable, so if you are among the first to commit, then you will help determine who is considered a competitor.

For more information, including pricing, visit or contact the Industry Leaders Roundtable Facilitator, Justin Tamsett on +612 9484 5501 or  

About The Industry Leaders Roundtable

The Industry Leaders Roundtables has been operating under this brand since 2005 in Australia with Roundtables for club owners, personal trainers and franchise business owners.  The Chair is Justin Tamsett who recently received the Roundtable Bell, acknowledging his performance as a Roundtable facilitator.  The Industry Leaders Roundtable brand is a licenced product of REX Roundtables operating in the US since 1980.