A fitness app developed by Monash University alumni is turning smartphones into personal trainers that correct form and offer feedback in real-time during a workout.

Fitcus, which recently launched on the Apple App Store, uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology and a smartphone camera to analyse movement and ensure the correct exercise technique is being used. 
Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of people working out at home or alone, which has also led to an increase in soft tissue injuries. Fitcus aims to prevent injuries incurred from incorrect workout techniques and educates users to improve their overall performance. 
Monash Faculty of Information Technology (IT) alumnus and Co-Founder of Fitcus, Joseph Roccisano, says his app is different from others currently in the market. 
He said:
“With Fitcus you can workout anytime, anywhere and receive personalised feedback based on your movements. Using advanced AI technology and motion-tracking software, Fitcus detects a person’s joints, posture and movement, it then provides customised feedback based on the correct way to perform a particular exercise. This real-time feedback is designed to help users get fitter, faster and stay injury free.” 
“Consider you’re doing squats and your chest comes too far forward putting strain on your lower back, Fitcus picks up on this incorrect posture alignment and will notify you straight away. The app will also provide you with audio cues on how to correct each movement and then notify you when you’re in the correct position.”
The app received more than 500 downloads in the first week of launching and currently has over 3,000 downloads. Fitcus was one of 10 teams selected from 135 applications for the 2020 Monash Generator Accelerator Program. The eight week program is for Monash University innovators, entrepreneurs and changemakers looking to kick start and rapidly progress their startups.
Jaala Alex, Community Manager of The Monash Generator, says the program has helped many innovators and entrepreneurs unlock their talents.
Ms Alex said: 
“We aim to help individuals uncover their entrepreneurial talent, and turn their ideas into reality. Our many events, workshops and programs are highly experiential and are led by our team of experienced entrepreneurs and founders.” 
“Seeing projects like Fitcus appear on internationally recognised platforms like the Apple App Store, demonstrates how with support, resources and coaching, our students are able to create great things.”
To find out more about Fitcus, please visit their website.