The Australian Institute of Fitness continues on a train of innovation by rolling out technology to expand and deepen industry partnerships, elevating student experience and graduate outcomes.

Following the successful re-launch of Network, and state-of-the-art learning management system IGNITE earlier in 2022, the team at AIF are turning their focus towards expanding industry reach and maximising employment opportunities for graduates of their fitness programs.

Introducing HealthyPeople

To provide graduates with direct access to employers seeking to grow their fitness businesses, the AIF have partnered with HealthyPeople, a leading job search and recruitment solutions provider for the Australian fitness industry.

HealthyPeople launched in 2005 to give fitness industry professionals the ability to promote themselves to local employers, and likewise, the ability for employers to connect with available local candidates. The partnership is proposed to match AIF graduates with employing fitness facilities in desired locations, and will provide opportunity for students completing Trainer Experience, AIF’s training placement program, to place with a fitness facility prior to being formally employed as a personal trainer upon graduation.

Revitalising GYYMI

The AIF community are no strangers to GYYMI, a digital application serving as a “personal trainer’s personal assistant”! GYYMI has been an integral part of AIF’s Trainer Experience, providing students a centralised platform for tracking placement hours, managing clients, and communicating with supervisors. With GYYMI’s growing popularity and success, AIF continues to offer the platform for free to all students, whilst improving the availability of support and instruction on how to use the tool to enable more time with clients, and less time with paperwork.

With several new technology platforms in play at improving student and graduate experiences, the AIF also looks inward at optimising internal operations, rolling out a referral tracking system to better manage and support those looking to start their fitness career.

When asked about the way forward in this space, AIF’s Head of Operations, Kim Horner said:

“Our mission to enhance our partnerships and student experience through technology has led us to some innovative platforms and applications that are set to transform AIF’s future.”