If you’re considering developing an app for your fitness business, heed this warning.

According to Anushka Bandara, co-founder and CEO of Elegant Media, Australia’s only ISO 9001 Accredited App development, the app development sector is one of the fastest growing technology industries in the world.  There are apps for just about everything.

Every day, people including entrepreneurs, mums and dads and business owners are coming up with great ideas for apps and jumping online to find an app developer to bring their idea to life in the form of an app.

Developing an app can be complex and involves high levels of coding and knowledge of the regulatory environment. Apps need to be useful and safe to use. Many people are finding app developers online who claim to be based in Australia and are able to make their app for a fraction of the cost.

Unfortunately, many Australians are falling for the misleading advertising and fake reviews and throwing away tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on these app development scams.   When they try and track down the developers they find they are actually located overseas somewhere.

There are three key things you must do when looking for a good honest app developer:

  • do your homework and get referrals from other people
  • meet with the developers and review their work
  • put in place clear deliverables and timeframes.

By following these key steps, this will assist people to avoid the scams.

Two young friends create multinational App company

In 2010, high school friends Anushka Bandara and Shane Perera met up in Anushka’s share flat and decided to create App company Elegant Media.

Seven years after the company was launched in mid 2011, Elegant Media has become a trusted App developer and created streamlined, high quality Apps for big businesses around the country and across the world.

Anushka Bandara, CEO of Elegant Media said, “in the near future we won’t need to carry wallets in the traditional sense.  All of our information will be held in our mobile device. We’re working on streamlined, high quality Apps that will eventually replace everything we carry around.  Organisations across the world are moving in this direction and App development is about giving individuals the power to pick and choose what and how they involve these products, services and offerings in their life.  We’re pretty excited!”

Elegant Media is the only App development company in Australia to have an ISO 9001 Accreditation. ISO 9001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organisations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Elegant Media, which has offices in Australia, Sri Lanka and the USA, is amazingly resilient.

“Most of the Australian App development companies based out of Melbourne, Bizzar Mobile, Buzzinga- they were going for five years and now they’re broke. We’re still here, going on seven years and continuing to grow, innovate and diversify.”

Elegant Media has worked with big brands and power players including the Federal Government, Coco-Cola, McDonald’s and Beyond Blue.

Elegant Media is unique because of its guaranteed quality and one on one approach.

“As soon as someone starts the process they’re connected to a team member, who stays with them until a project is completed successfully,” Anushka Bandara added. “It’s a very personal approach, and it ensures the client is getting exactly what they want and what they’re happy with.”

Elegant Media is looking to expand operations and take on more clients.

“Every problem or opportunity in life can be solved with an App.  The reality is that everyone has great ideas and we don’t want our firm to be limited to massive companies and corporations, we want to ensure idea champions, entrepreneurs and small businesses across the country also have the opportunity to create an App as well.” Anushka Bandara said. “I want everyone who is passionate about their business or ideas to be able to access our services.  We translate their ideas into high quality functional Apps. Apps are definitely the way of the future, and I think it’s our job to make sure everyone can have access to that future.”