Activating every body, every way, every day has seen AUSactive extend their membership modalities to include Yoga and Pilates and it has just welcomed its first Pilates business, Club Pilates.

AUSactive CEO Barrie Elvish said the evolution of the association’s membership categories was about extending its relevance and tailored support to more health and wellbeing professionals and businesses Australia-wide. 

Mr Elvish said:

“As the leading industry association for the exercise and physical activity industry we have always advocated on behalf of and supported many different types of health and fitness businesses and industry professionals.” 

“However, our previous membership categories were limited and we realised a ‘one size fits all’ approach just wasn’t appropriate for the future focus of AUSactive or the industry as a whole. 

“The new Yoga and Pilates membership categories have been specifically created to support businesses, instructors, teachers and students within the Yoga and Pilates fields.” 

Mr Elvish said AUSactive was thrilled to welcome their first Pilates business member Club Pilates, which is a major player in Pilates worldwide, with over 1,000 licensed clubs. Their Australian business is operatedunder a Master Franchise which has opened three studios since launching in mid-2021 with many sold locations due to open 2022. 

Club Pilates Australia Master Franchisee CEO Brendan James said the company was excited to be the first to join AUSactive under the new membership framework. 

Mr James said:

“It is fantastic to see AUSactive single out the Pilates modality with the evolution of their membership categories. The Pilates ‘nametag’ in Australia is overused with very little standards and we applaud AUSactive for wanting to bring a standard that will help people be comfortable with who they go to for their Pilates.” 

“At Club Pilates we pride ourselves on being a contemporary approach to the traditional modality. We hold ourselves to a high standard of education and teaching and believe our instructors and members have the right to know the difference.  

“I firmly believe AUSactive in time can bring this to Australia and with Club Pilates can help protect the Pilates name and what it means. Improving the standards right across the industry, Pilates included, is a positive step forward for everyone.  

“With our experience and international presence, we are looking forward to supporting AUSactive as they continue to strive for excellence.” 

For more information on AUSactive’s new Yoga and Pilates membership categories visit and for more information on Club Pilates Australia visit