Perth-based connected fitness start-up Vitruvian Form sells more devices than Peloton did during pre-sale campaign, now launches funding round.

Vitruvian Form has closed its pre-sale offer after being inundated with demand and selling more than 100 V-Form Trainer devices in the final 24 hours of their offer period.

The V-Form Trainer promises to dramatically improve the efficiency and accessibility of resistance training. Driven by intelligent algorithmic technology, the device modifies weight loading to match the user’s ability – in both current performance in the moment and based on workout history, enabling them to train more effectively.

Peloton’s Kickstarter ‘early bird special’ was limited to the US only and was taken up by 158 people. By contrast, the V-Form Trainer sold 282 in its early adopter pre-sale campaign across Australasia and North America.

Perth based founder Jon Gregory, an ex-high frequency trader was thrilled by the success of the launch.

Gregory said:

“The response from consumers has been overwhelming, I knew we were onto something after spending the last 10 years iterating the technology, but I am glad the general fitness community has also bought into what we are building.”

How it works

Following the success of the pre-sale campaign, Vitruvian has launched a $1.75M pre-series A funding round for scaling the operations and production and preparing for a larger launch in October.

About the Vitruvian Form V-Form Trainer, Exercise Physiologist and former elite athlete Amanda Bisk, said:

“I was blown away by how efficient Vitruvian Form is.”

“The device automatically knows if it needs to reduce the load or add more load to the weight when you are working out. It adapts to how you are lifting and changes during your rep as needed as well. It is very effective, simple and intuitive so I don’t waste time changing weights or settings.”

“Vitruvian Form also ensures that you get a good workout and minimises the risk of you slacking off which is something many people struggle with when working out from home without the supervision of a coach or other eyes on you in the gym”

How it works


Use the app and accessories to be guided through a full-body workout, with hundreds of different exercise types across all muscle groups, with squats, presses, curls, lifts and more. There’s also a wide range of classes delivered by increasing numbers of professional trainers joining the V-Fam worldwide. Core brand classes include V-Strength, V-Booty, V-Burn, and there’s even a guided yoga practice, V-Flow, for functional active recovery.


Using custom-developed motor systems, the V-Form Trainer can output enough resistance for max lifts up to 200kg. Coupled with the dynamic nature of the resistance cables that provide force across the range of movement, even when working out at much lower loads you’re required to generate some serious force, in turn promoting greater muscle engagement.

Smart Tech

The adaptive force algorithm manages load, dynamically changing resistance to slash the time it takes to build muscle, while logging performance data to monitor progress. Your workout is truly customised.


Carbon fibre, smooth finish and dynamic lighting make the V-Form Trainer a sleek and sophisticated feature. Display a gorgeous gadget with customisable LEDs that respond to your force load, or easily store the light, flat platform away out of sight.

Named for Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous drawing of the ideal human physique, the V-Form Trainer by Vitruvian Form is designed for building your perfect form. Its own elegant form makes a bold statement; the Australian designers behind it know that exercise, lifestyle and personal aesthetics are inextricably linked for most people.

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