Australasian Leisure Management aims to be the most reliable and consistent source of news and information for all sectors of the leisure industry in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

All in the industry would agree that we are in remarkable, unprecedented and worrying times, as the Coronavirus pandemic places lives in danger around the world as well as having a wider impact on economies and society.

In aiming to be the most reliable and consistent source of news and information for all sectors of the leisure industry in Australia, New Zealand and now Asia, we continue to seek to report the issues that are affecting the industry as accurately as possible, avoiding sensationalism, present this industry in the most positive way.

Mindful that there are so many streams of information – not all of it reliable – we are aiming for Australasian Leisure Management to be a consistent and reliable source of news for professionals across the industry.

While we won’t shy away from awkward truths, we want to present an industry viewpoint, mindful that businesses, careers and livelihoods are being impacted by this current crisis and that there are levels of uncertainty about how the industry and society will look when it is over.

Keeping Facilities Open
We back the continued operation of aquatic facilities, fitness clubs, gyms and other facilities and events.

Given Coronavirus is an airborne disease which cannot spread through water, we feel the public should still be given access to aquatic centres, mindful of advice that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is very unlikely to be transmitted through swimming pool water where adequate chlorine levels are maintained.

Equally, following the Federal Government announcement that non-essential indoor gatherings of more than 100 people have been banned as a response to the Coronavirus crisis, we agree with Fitness Australia Chief Executive, Barrie Elvish’s advice that “gyms do not need to close”.

While we respect that directives on social distancing will impact a large number of entertainment and sporting events, we urge governments to extend support to these and, indeed, all industry sectors impacted through this crisis.

Representation, Support and Stimulus
Here we are all too aware of significant numbers of casual staff being laid off by operators at this time and the precarious state of many of our readers’ employment and businesses.

We fully support the efforts of industry associations and peak bodies such as the Australian Tourism Industry Council, Exercise Association of New Zealand, Fitness Australia, Live Performance Australia and the Venue Management Association as well as, as of Wednesday this week Royal Life Saving Society – Australia for the aquatics sector, in representing their members and sector stakeholders, while pointing others to look to represent their sectors in the same way.

We also firmly believe now is not the time for associations, bodies, facilities and operators to ‘fly under the radar’, more it is the time to highlight the role this industry plays in improving the quality of life of populations through activity, amusement, attainment and entertainment as well as its economic, employment, social and wellbeing impacts.

For in the absence of reliable information, misinformation can flourish.

Share Your Experiences and Good News
It gives us no pleasure to report on this crisis, but it is unavoidable.

However, we don’t just want to report ‘bad news’ but we also want to facilitate knowledge sharing on this critical issue.

So, if readers want to share their experiences, responses or resources that may assist others manage their businesses, facilities and team members, please email:

Please also email us with your other news on more positive things such as initiatives, staff, future plans, developments, innovations and the like.