Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF), today announced a large scale rebrand and a raft of initiatives specifically designed to expand study and product offerings, as well as elevate career options.

AIF will begin unveiling a dynamic new visual identity – transforming its blue and green colour scheme of the past 15 years into a bold, striking colour palette of red, black and white.

The new brand colours are accompanied by a revamp of AIF’s logo – inspired by the strength, power and movement of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, as well as a vibrant new design system and photographic assets.

Australian Institute of Fitness CEO and Director, Steve Pettit said:

“With the recent expansion of AIF’s business capabilities and offerings, we required a new look and feel that represents where we are heading as the #1 fitness educator globally. Our educational offering differentiates us from other providers, so we wanted our branding to do the same.”

“We needed something bold, powerful and impactful to represent AIF throughout our entire brand, from the logo, to creative elements and photography. Our new red colour is representative of the confidence and positivity that set us apart as industry leaders.”

The rebrand comes as AIF integrates the Australian Fitness Network (Network) into its portfolio. The integration sees AIF expand its umbrella of offerings to include continuing education programs (CEC), micro credentials, upskilling certificates, qualifications, industry onboarding and training, membership programs and more.

Pettit said:

“The Network integration moves the capability of AIF beyond a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) into an all-encompassing education provider that supports fitness careers and businesses for life.”

“Historically, AIF has described itself as an RTO and yes, that is what we have primarily been. However, limiting ourselves to delivering qualifications has allowed us to flex only part of our extensive educational muscle. The integration of Network means we have more scope to identify bespoke education opportunities that not only add value to our students, but to the industry more broadly”.

“The AIF can now offer continuing education to ensure graduates remain up-to-date and relevant in a quickly changing environment – supporting them through their entire careers, not just their first steps.”

“From an industry perspective, businesses will also be able to come to us as a partner for assistance with internal training and development needs. In doing so, they will be able to ensure they run their businesses in the best way possible, adding significant value to both their customers and staff.”

Further boosting its educational offerings, AIF has also announced a range of important upgrades to its leading Master Trainer ProgramTM. AIF has updated its Certificate III (Fitness) Fitness Coach course, which forms part of the Master Trainer qualification – the most well- known Personal Training qualification in Australia.

Fitness Coach consists of units of competency that result in a dual specialisation, including Gym Instruction and Group Exercise Instruction. This will enable a Fitness Coach to not only program gym- based exercise, but also motivate and lead both individuals and groups.

Head of Training at AIF, Kate Kraschnefski commented:

“In our commitment to being the leading provider of fitness professionals in Australia, we have taken the opportunity to review and update our Master Trainer program to reflect the needs of the fitness industry today, and provide our graduates with even more skills. With circuit style group training such a force at the moment, Fitness Coaches will have the knowledge of a Gym Instructor, combined with the unique skills of GroupEx instructors, including how to motivate a group and use music to inspire during a workout.”

The updated Master Trainer qualification also offers a new specialisation in instructing movement programs for children, enabling students to graduate with three specialisations instead of one.

Kraschnefski added:

“The new Master Trainer qualification will provide graduates the skills needed to assist the health and fitness goals of both children and adolescents, so we can get more of the community exercising from an earlier age.”

The Australian Institute of Fitness’ upgraded Master Trainer qualification also includes a bolstered emphasis on technology and real-life business skills, thanks to a range of soon-to-be announced strategic partnerships with leading industry organisations. The new partnerships form part of AIF’s long-term commitment to ensuring that graduates receive the most up-to-date content and foundational skills to power success for the lifespan of their careers.

Pettit said:

“Despite the challenges posed throughout 2020, there have been a lot of learning and development opportunities for the global fitness industry. As we get back to work, new trends will continue to materialise – but with a customer-first, adaptable and innovative approach as well as the right skills and partners – fitness professionals and businesses alike can develop new pathways to success.”

He added:

“At AIF, we are already seeing demand pick up among our Career Partners for highly- skilled and industry-ready personal trainers and massage therapists. As we move forward with AIF’s new brand and expanded range of study and product offerings, we are better placed than ever to help the entire industry pave those pathways.”

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