World-leading fitness franchise BFT launches Level Up, a new CEC approved education arm for their network.

BFT continues to stay ahead of the game with the launch of their new internationally recognised education arm, “Level Up”.

David Aitchison, the new CEO of BFT’s APAC region says:

“We know that retention of staff and members will be the major focus and challenge for the fitness industry over the next 12-18 months.”

“The focus of our education arm is to provide bespoke courses and aspiration pathways that will drive coach retention and engagement, which will in turn translate to member retention by providing better coaching to create more engaged communities.”

The education arm will offer a variety of courses designed to up-skill the entire network and raise the already high standard of coaching across the studios. The courses will focus on the key exercises and movements seen within BFT programming, ensuring coaches maintain a high level of consistency and results for members.

Ryan Koski, GM of Education says:

“It is critical that our all of our coaches have the confidence to coach members in the complex but effective exercises we see within BFT programming. The Level Up courses, accredited across Australia, NZ and Singapore are the driving force behind well-educated and engaged coaches in our network.”

BFT franchisees employ around 1200 trainers across the network at present, with this number only expanding with new studios opening every week.

By the end of 2022 BFT will have 250 studios open and over 50,000 members worldwide, which is an impressive achievement for a young brand who launched in 2017 and continued to stay strong over 2 years of international lockdowns. Keeping the member experience strong and delivery of the product to the highest standard is of the utmost importance to the success of the brand, which is why the launch of Level Up has been an enormous focus for BFT APAC.

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