Award winning fitness franchise, BFT is set to launch their 200th site this weekend at their new Flatbush, Auckland location.

Head of Marketing Georgia Dunlop says:

“Having 200 studios open around the world is an exceptional brand milestone – there are very few brands – if any – that would have had the same amount of growth over the last 24 months! It’s a testament to the strength of our product and the cut-through we are getting in a very saturated market.”

“We actually have two sites opening this weekend, however due to the international time zones, Flatbush in New Zealand will be the official 200th studio.”

BFT have had much to celebrate in the past year. Two weeks ago, they were named the APAC Fitness Franchise of the year at the Fit Summit in Singapore for the second year running. They also landed a $60 million cash-up front deal with fitness giant Xponential Fitness to launch them in the US and Canada and they have appointed a new CEO for the APAC region, David Aitchison which will allow Cameron Falloon and Richard Burnet to focus on the UK and EU markets.

Dunlop says:

“Along with hitting this studio milestone, the next few months should also bring about another major milestone – 50,000 members!” 

“We have sold over 60 sites in the US. NZ is nearly sold out, we have 21 sites open and 37 sold in Singapore and 154 sites open in Australia and 236 sold. With solid traction across Oceania, our focus is the UK and EU markets, with our first UK studio set to open in September.”

Founded by Cameron Falloon, a former strength and conditioning coach for various international soccer teams and elite AFL teams, BFT offers a science backed, community-based functional training program. Thirteen workout programs are artfully organised into 8-week progressive blocks utilising scientifically proven training techniques aimed to reduce fat and create lean muscle.

BFT have recently released their new bespoke heart rate technology called BFT³, a world first in group training tech, which aligns with BFT programs and optimises member results. While most heart rate monitors purely reward high heart rates(cardio), this bespoke system is designed to reward ALL styles of training, particularly strength and resistance training.

Since being founded in 2017, BFT has sold over 300 franchises across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and USA. The new $60 million cash-upfront partnership with Xponential fitness will allow BFT to focus on existing and new markets in Asia Pacific and beyond, while capitalizing on Xponential’s global strength and reach.