Never miss a training session because of a hangover again, thanks to a new beverage called Body Armour

When you are committed to working out there are often very few things that will stop you from attending your regular gym session. But, after a big night out, hitting the weights is often the last thing you want to think about!

New to the Australian market (launched October 27) Body Armour is the little drink to have before a big night out. Designed to provide you with essential nutrients and relief from your typical hangover symptoms, this liquid gold is the perfect solution to keeping you on track for your fitness goals.

Since being on the market Body Armour has had an 82% positive rating for effectiveness and flavour meaning it can help youget back into the gym quickly regardless of how many drinks you had the night before.

Toni McQuinn, Director Body Armour says:

“We are excited to see what is next for body armour! Since launching we have had such a positive response and I think that comes down to the products uniqueness and high medicinal regulation approval. The Fitness Show will a great stepping stone or us to get further exposure and raise awareness with our target audience”

Body Armour will have a stand at this year’s Fitness Show (April 12-14 2019 at the ICC Sydney) giving guests the chance to test the product, be involved in free giveaways and check out special offers.

If you want to know more about this genius product and how you can wave goodbye to your pre-gym hangover head to the Fitness Show in Sydney and meet the team!