New online Facebook group designed to accelerate your sales.

The Impact Sales Success Club is a closed facebook group, where business owners and operators can come together to be inspired, educated and to share successes and challenges with other business owners.

The Impact Sales Success Club is founded and facilitated by Steve Jensen (aka ‘Dr J’), who is a multi-award winning, international presenter, sales and communication trainer and consultant, and the brains behind Impact Training Corporation.

In this FB Live group, you’ll share ideas to help create a mindset that inspires results for you, your team, your family and your life.

Steve’s goal is to help you become the very best version of yourself that you can be. He seeks to teach you how to help others succeed, because this is a surefire way for you to increase sales, save precious time, reduce worry, and – most importantly – FEEL HAPPY.

Empowering others to reach their potential requires a combination of the right mindset with an exceptional skillset. To help you achieve this perfect blend, this tribe of masterminds meet online a number of times a week, where Steve delivers a quick coaching session and discussion around the most effective ways to create this mindset and level of accountability.

The great thing is, Steve understands we all feel time-challenged, so the catch-ups are designed to be brief but valuable. They’re also fun, and serve as the catalyst for this elite Tribe of Impactors to ‘take action’, which will result in the generation of some incredibly powerful success stories.

Success requires being surrounded by like-minded people, and by being part of the Impact Sales Success Club, you’ll be joining an unwaveringly supportive community, who will inspire each other to grow and succeed, both in work and at play – so… let’s ‘Do The Damage!’

To find out more or to apply to join the group on facebook visit