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StickFit is an evidence-based, whole body training exercise system of layered, integrated activities and techniques, in an aerobically sustained, mixed, multi-modality, cardio-based format. The goal focus is to stimulate and improve cognitive brain function with multi-dimensional movements and skill patterns, core training and bodyweight exercises, all moves using rattan sticks as the tool for the entire workout, from start to finish. This neural-targeted workout design, along with the use of the sticks, is what differentiates StickFit from any other program! We’ve put the Fun with StickFit drills and skills back into Functional training. The proprietary StickFit methodology is the future of contemporary exercise protocols, which targets training the brain as well as the body to enhance both getting more physically strong and brain healthy. 

The StickFit program includes the following activities, intermixed in both a 60- and 45-minute format: 

Double stick partner and Group interaction drills, Single stick patterns, StickXblitz™, Footwork drills, Bodyweight and core conditioning drills, and Metronome partner training. 

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358 Swan Street Richmond Victoria 3121 Australia