The training phenomenon sweeping through Sydney and beyond is soon to open its first franchise in Sydney’s East.

Combine Air uses the world’s most elite training technology with training programs of purpose, creating fitness benefits that have been preserved for the elite for over 50 years.

Currently located in Rozelle and Concord, the next club is set to open in Paddington, Sydney in September 2022. This site will include ‘Recharge by Combine Air’, a juice / smoothie bar, plus ‘Combine Air Recovery’, a world first, state of the art facility to help you recover faster so you can train harder. Combine Air Recovery offers you infrared saunas, ice baths, NormaTec compression therapy, Theragun therapy and stretch zone.

Born out of the first COVID 19 forced lockdown, Directors & Co Founders Peter Hickey and Scott Reynolds used the time as an opportunity to work on the Combine Air brand, programming, operating model and subsequently a full turnkey franchise model, an investment opportunity that delivers real return on investment, not just buying a wage.

Peter & Scott had been working in the simulated altitude training space since 2014 with Peak Altitude Training, which was previously more targeted at athletes and adventure travellers. The brainchild for CA was to unlock the science that elite athletes have been using for over 50 years to gain a competitive advantage, delivering it to the mainstream market as the ultimate fun, engaging and diverse health and fitness service.

Combine Air Training is unique in that the training environment is 13.5-14% oxygen or the equivalent of exercising at 3500m above sea level, making it the most effective workout available. The programming combines resistance, conditioning, boxing and hybrid training which is delivered in 8-week periodised seasons. This form of training promotes greater physiological adaptations, avoids overtraining and injury, facilitating greater overall benefits.

Combine Air opened their flagship club in Rozelle in October 2020 and had achieved monthly revenues of $75k per month within 6 months of operation with the goal of over a 1-million-dollar annual turnover, their second club in Concord opened December 2020. Both Clubs endured multiple COVID lockdowns and have returned stronger than ever with 4 more clubs planned to open in 2022 and further expansion both nationally and internationally in 2023.

Their unique franchise model offers larger than normal fitness territories to provide the franchise real protection on their investment along with the opportunity to generate revenue through diversified income channels. Franchisees can open multiple clubs within their territory to maximise revenue and success. Squad training, solo training and Personal Coaching,

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