The next high protein Superfood has six legs… Crickets!
Grilo Protein is a Byron Bay based company born and bred out of a desire to bring better health through sustainable and environmentally conscious food.

Grilo Protein was created three years ago, after a health conscious group of friends discovered the social and environmental impact caused by most animal protein sources available on the market, they set out to look for a lower impact, more sustainable alternative high protein source to boost everyday meals and smoothies.

Why eat crickets?

The health benefits include:

  • 69% protein and contain all 9 essential amino acids
  • Omega 3 and omega 6
  • Vitamin B12 (12 x more than salmon)
  • Potassium (2 x more than spinach)
  • Iron (2 x more than beef)
  • Calcium (equal to milk)

Besides crickets being a nutrient-dense food source, the economical and environmental impact is significantly reduced in comparison to the alternatives.

The environmental benefits include:

  • Less land, feed and energy in farming process
  • Only 1 litre of water required for 1 kg of crickets (22,000 litres for 1 kg of beef)
  • Produce 80 times less methane than cattle
  • 12 times more efficient in converting feed to meat than pigs and 2 times more than chickens.

“When we first started our organic cricket powder business, most people had that ‘ick factor’ regarding edible insects. Fortunately this behaviour has changed as people are becoming more aware about the environmental problems we have been facing and that crickets are an alternative protein source that doesn’t cost the Earth. On top of that, cricket are very healthy and taste delicious,” explained Martina at Grilo.

Kale Brock, a journalist, researcher, speaker and producer of the documentary ‘The Gut Movie’ said:
“Grilo are pioneering what will be an incredibly important facet of the future’s food supply. Creating delicious and incredibly nutritious foods that people can enjoy without sacrificing the earth’s natural resources is a difficult task, yet Grilo is achieving it wholeheartedly.”
Rhys Howard Davies, a trail marathon runner and co-founder at The Florescence Hub said:
“I have been using cricket protein for about six months and can really see benefits from the clean, healthy ingredients. It is now an integral part of my pre, syn and post-run life. The cricket bars are great ‘trail food’ and the powders are so versatile and can be used in practically any recipe for exercise training or recovery. I highly recommend it!”
Demi-Maree Faulkner, dietitian and health coach added:
“As a dietitian, I am really happy with Grilo’s products. They only use natural whole food ingredients which is hard to come by these days. Grilo protein products also taste great (nutty taste) and are easy to incorporate in lots of recipes.”
Grilo Protein now offer a range of 100% organic all natural cricket products including:
  • Cricket Powder/Cricket Flour (140g): $34.99
  • Super Greens & cricket Powder (200g): $34.99
  • Cricket Chocolate Protein Powder (420g): $39.99
  • Cricket Energy Bar Raw Cacao Fudge (45g): $4.50
  • Cricket Energy Bar Banoffee Pie (45g): $4.50

Check out the product line, which is now available online at and selected health food stores.

The Grilo team will soon be announcing a third energy bar flavour and anticipated whole, flavoured crickets to their range.