Brand new hormonal therapy being trialled in Australia at Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre (MAPrc).

  • There is a hormone related depression and anxiety crisis among Australian middle aged women
  • Normal antidepressants don’t tend to work for these women
  • They have the 2nd highest suicide rate after men aged 80 and over in Australia
  • COVID impact has had a devastating effect on this group
  • The hormone and depression link is not well understood by the medical profession so these women are going untreated and supported.

This depression can start in the brain around 40 having a major impact on work, relationships, parenting, and quality of life.

In the past hormones and mental health were not thought to be connected however there is a mounting body of evidence showing the direct correlation.

  • There is a lot of evidence to show fluctuations in hormones like Estrogen can cause depression and or brain fog
  • There is an urgent need for a hormone-based therapy that is not HRT or anti-depressants.
  • Hormones are potent neuro-steroids for example Estrogen has a major impact on brain systems that cause depression eg serotonin and other chemical pathways and processes.
  • We need to think differently how we mange depression in this group of Australians
  • It can start affecting the brain around 40  – major impact on anxiety, work, relationships and parenting and quality of life.
  • We know HRT can help symptoms but there is concern around other health issues with HRT.

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