The future of the fitness and health industry at this year’s Fitness Show.

As planning continues for this year’s Fitness Show at the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour, Sydney (April 20-22), it’s quickly shaping up to be a must-attend event for fitness professionals, with virtual reality, functional training solutions and HIIT-inspired equipment just some of the key new product developments for 2018.

Below is a brief selection of some of the big developments already confirmed to be on show this year:

  • Fitness is virtually a game: This is like nothing the Australian fitness market has seen before. The German-designed Icaros is a fully immersive virtual reality (VR) exercise system. Users pop on the VR headset, strap themselves into the gyroscopic frame and experience flying, diving and freefalling as they weave through a virtual world with full three-dimensional movement. Made by industrial designers, engineers, sport scientists and game developers, the Icaros provides a full body workout in a whole new dimension.
  • The future of functional training: Functional training is hot and now you can offer your members a trainer any time of the day or night with Aktiv Virtual, an on-demand functional training system. Members can pair the system with their bluetooth headphones and/or wearable tracker, select the workout (by time, type and difficulty), grab their equipment off the rack in front of them and then follow their virtual trainer through a workout. Users get real-time insights and guided coaching to make sure they’re working out safely and effectively.
  • Detox in the dome: The ‘Vital Dome’ is a new French treatment that uses black carbon infrared technology for detox, slimming, muscle recovery and anti-aging. After 30 minutes spent lying under the dome, the user experiences a category two sweat, which is roughly equal to the perspiration a runner would generate after running for 20km.
  • Light on your feet: Designed with HIIT workouts in mind, the Assault AirRunner packs an intense workout into a small package. Speed is controlled solely by the exerciser and where they position themselves on the treadmill belt. With no on/off button or maximum speed, the AirRunner is specifically designed with HIIT workouts in mind, allowing the exerciser to jump on and go, and to push their workout as hard as they want. With a small, light-weight frame, it’s easy to move and set up, so it can be used to add a high-intensity interval training component to functional training group exercise classes or specialised sessions.
  • Seek and you shall find fitness pros: The Fitseeker online platform functions as a fitness directory where professionals can use their own marketing to list their specialties and qualifications on an easy to use website for the local community. It enables customers to filter through and connect directly with personal trainers that suit their needs. They can then rate their experiences providing authentic verification and promotion of your business to new potential customers.
  • Fitness can be a family thing: A new circuit style workout, PRAMA Kids & Families, allows parents and their kids to workout together. Designed as a cross between and arcade game and a playground, this new approach to fitness attracts parents and families that want to spend less time on the couch and more time having fun together. As well as the obvious physical benefits, the programme is designed to improve cognitive function and encourage social development.
  • Time to HIIT the treadmill: HIIT has become one of the top trending training methods in the fitness industry this year. Precor has the answer to this with the launch of the P30i Interval Console on the treadmill, specifically designed for HIIT training. The console is easy to use with one-touch speed keys that allow instant adjustment of incline and speed so that exercisers can focus simply on their workout rather than changing settings. With easily programmable workouts and the option of three-minute pauses, instructors can incorporate off treadmill strength exercises into classes to increase engagement with customers.

The Fitness Show will provide industry visitors with the opportunity to gain first hand experience with some of the most interesting and unique products the industry has seen to date, according to Director of the Fitness Show, Shaun Krenz.

“Your attendance will ensure you play an active part in the emerging research and trends that will effect the fitness industry over the coming 12 months. With the opportunity to experience and gain knowledge first hand, you’ll stay involved and aware of how these innovations could impact your business, and the future of fitness.

“The new layout of the Show, with a dedicate Industry Zone on it’s own floor, will also provide a professional environment for gym managers, facility owners an other fitness professional to research, trial products and do business.” 

Head to the Fitness Show to experience the latest equipment and accessories, gain knowledge on emerging research and trends, meet celebrity trainers and watch live sporting events. The Fitness Show heads to Sydney on April 20-22 followed by Brisbane in July and Melbourne in October. For more information visit or follow Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates on features, timetables and confirmed celebrities. If you work in the industry entry is free, if you pre-register online and provide the appropriate identification. FILEX delegates receive free unlimited entry to the Fitness Show for the full three days.