Mark Moon’s STRENGTH ® Full-Body Workout; changing the way you think about group barbell training forever.

Weight training principles delivered in the group fitness studio, that are functional, focused, and fun!

Mark Moon, a leading Sydney-based group fitness trainer with 20 years of experience, brings scientifically proven resistance training principles into the group fitness studio and delivers them in a progressive loading, multi-set format.

STRENGTH® educates instructors and class participants on the importance of varied planes of movement under load, as well as the importance of constant variation in exercise selection and intensities.

In the current fitness landscape, Functional Training and H.I.I.T. are at the top of most people’s to-do list. STRENGTH® Full-Body Workouts’ strategically crafted formula covers multiple aspects of functional and H.I.I.T principles, with five essential components of a balanced and effective training program. These include mobility, endurance, strength, agility and recovery.

“It never made sense to me as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor why I wouldn’t use the exact same principles in the group fitness studio as I would while training myself or my clients,” says Moon. “I believed there needed to be a bridge between group fitness classes and weight floor training, so for this reason I created STRENGTH® Full-Body Workout.”

As we now know, the key to functional strength is variability, so each workout release is updated on a quarterly basis using only PPCA free music. Unlike other barbell programs, the unique point of difference with STRENGTH® is that all of the programming used in each release can be easily delivered using any other bridge-free music. Combine this with the ability to easily adapt the exercise selection and workout intensity, STRENGTH® Full-Body Workout becomes a game-changer is the group fitness market.

  • No expensive license fees for clubs and PPCA free music
  • Program format and exercises are adaptable for workout variety
  • Registered with Fitness Australia for 10 CEC points

STRENGTH® is a risk free option for upskilling your instructors and updating your group fitness program in 2018.

Program creator Mark Moon, and Master Trainer Shannon Cleary, will be running workshops throughout the year. For more information on training dates, or to book a workshop exclusive for your club, visit

About Mark Moon

Mark Moon is a NLP based Meta-Coach, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Manager for City Gym Sydney. With a 20-year-strong career and extensive experience from across the globe, Mark has created content for both the health consumer and fitness industry.

For program information contact Mark Moon via or phone +61 415 529 659.