Reigning premiers, Richmond Football Club (RFC), have shown to be strong competitors when it comes to skill, strength and stamina.

Peter Burge, Physical Performance Manager at RFC explains:

“We have adopted a number of technical tools and software into the RFC training program, designed to improve strength, power and performance – ultimately creating durable and powerful players.”

When it comes to training speed and power, “Technogym’s extensive range of performance equipment has been key in enabling us to run a more efficient training program,” says Burge.

Over three decades of extensive research in science and movement, and six successive appointments as Official Fitness Equipment Supplier to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Technogym is the ideal choice for elite athletes – with the highest standards in biomechanics, ergonomics, durability and safety.

The Technogym Olympic Power Rack used within RFC’s daily training regime, offers maximum workout versatility, from squats and bench press to chin ups and torsonator exercises – allowing the user to train multiple muscle groups in full safety.

“The Olympic Power Rack accessories such as power bands, give our athletes the ability to focus on specific muscle groups and further improve their strength,” continues Burge.

Burge explained the importance of training during pre-season, during and post-game. “During pre-season, players will train five days per week, separated by rest days, and four of the five days training will be spent in the gym with a mix of performance based exercises and injury prevention programs.”

“During game season, training is reduced to three days per week with an emphasis on performance maintenance and injury prevention. After each game played, we focus on active water-based recovery and ice baths. Nutrition is also an important part of this protocol.”

The overall goal for RFC’s training strategy is to incorporate a balance of performance based and injury prevention exercises, translating to functional movement on the football field.

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