Australia’s first ever Immersive Fitness™ studio, featuring THE TRIP has been unveiled at Atmosphere Health & Fitness Signature in Penrith (NSW).

There have been many programs on the market that have tried to ease people into a fitness routine. Many clubs put beginner’s classes on the timetable, only to have three to five people in a class. If you’re going to add a class to a timetable, you want to see a full class – every time. Especially considering that we know people remain at their gyms for longer if they attend two times a week; with three to four times making them likely to be life-long members. The secret to achieving full classes lies in having programs with broad-based appeal.

Those who are not currently engaged in a fitness routine may see videos of people throwing around weights, doing burpees, sweating away in a cycle class, or bending in ways that a contortionist would be proud of. These images excite fitness fanatics, but for those who haven’t yet found their love for fitness, these visuals can reinforce the perception that “I’m not fit enough to get fit”. An added challenge, of course, is making fitness appealing and achievable for those who aren’t yet into exercise, while still motivating your die-hard regulars.

The reality is, fitness is hard work, but it doesn’t have to feel like it’s hard work – and it certainly doesn’t feel that way when you’re immersed in THE TRIP™ by Les Mills, which has been designed to feel easy and (gasp!) fun! The TRIP is a 40-minute interval training session, set to motivating music, with a gaming element that uses digital worlds. Fully immersive visuals are projected on to a floor-to-ceiling curved screen, which creates an unrivalled experience of actually being IN the ride.

Australia’s first ever Immersive Fitness™ studio, featuring THE TRIP has been unveiled at Atmosphere Health & Fitness Signature in Penrith (NSW).

Atmosphere Signature, as it’s known, is a memorable experience for its uniqueness and innovation. Upon arrival you’re directed to front-lit, full-body selfie mirrors, where you can illuminate the month and the week your fitness journey begins – what a great way to keep track of your progress! The lockers are filled with motivational words like “Brave”, and there are wireless charging stations to ensure you’ll never be short of charge to capture those Insta moments!

The studio itself has strip LED lighting with an illuminated “A” at the back of the room, which sets the scene for the show; the tiered flooring ensures there’s not a bad seat in the house; and, of course, the most eye-catching feature is the massive, curved screen at the front of the room. It’s floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall in size – think of an IMAX theatre screen.

Classes have been booking out constantly by repeat TRIPers, and once you experience the workout, you’ll know why.

The class begins with a countdown, much like a racing video game, only instead of driving you’re pedalling through the streets of incredible digital worlds.

The music is amazing, with a great blend of hip hop, dub step and house that perfectly syncs to the ride. The visuals tend to help participants because when you see a steep hill, it feels weird to not have the correct resistance whilst pedalling. So those who might usually “fake it” in a regular cycle class tend to find themselves actually turning the dial when they’re supposed to! Of course, this can equate to better results and greater adherence among your members.

In a typical Trip workout you’ll tackle hills, steep, near- 90-degree drops, twists and turns. There are often multiple levels and your members will feel truly immersed in what can feel like a video game. You can even find yourself in a large stadium of people, with crowds were taking your picture and cheering you on! Much more than just an indoor cycling class, THE TRIP can be an exhilarating experience that participants don’t want to end!

Member, Jennine Leonarder-Collins has been an active devotee to RPM™ and LES MILLS SPRINT™. She’s been enjoying THE TRIP since Atmosphere launched it and says “nothing comes close or even compares to THE TRIP”.

Jeannine explains:

“THE TRIP is an opportunity to lose yourself in another ‘world’. Psychedelic, fast-paced, action-packed, energy-driven and all inclusive, it’s an experience like no other! Having the instructor sitting at the front of the Peloton allows a participant to feel included, involved and committed so when the instructor yells ‘all in!’ you work even harder. THE TRIP is all encompassing – you work harder than other forms of indoor cycling classes, you experience visuals that allow you to be completely absorbed in the moment and you work as a team – committed to not let your fellow cyclists down. You try so much harder and feel so much better as a result.”

Hayley Allgood is an Instructor for THE TRIP at Atmosphere Signature. She says many of her participants had been avid RPM® (cycle fitness) and LES MILLS SPRINT® (HIIT cycle) regulars.

Hayley said:

“Many of them were hesitant to try THE TRIP but now that they have, they’re not looking back. They’re getting more out of the workout and can push themselves harder because of the visuals and experience.”

“The class just goes by so quickly. You’re not thinking about anything else. Some people say it’s really therapeutic as well. It clears their mind because they’re in the moment, get an awesome workout, and get lost in the visuals. The members absolutely love it, regardless of their fitness level.”

Kimberlee Franklin is another Instructor at Atmosphere Signature. She says many members find they work a lot harder than they feel like, at the time; and this is especially so among those who are brand new to fitness or indoor cycling. She’s had a number of brand new participants in her classes and most of them feel more comfortable in THE TRIP because the Instructor is facing towards the screen and away from the class, so they feel less like they’re being “watched” throughout the class.

Jeannine concludes:

“I would recommend THE TRIP to anyone who is new to fitness because you can come in and work as hard as you want, which is different for everybody. You can do it in a way that you don’t feel like you have to keep up with anyone else; you definitely don’t feel like you’re being looked at; and you’re basically going into a theatre with the tiered floor and a massive screen, so it’s not intimidating because everyone’s focused on the screen.”

“THE TRIP is a trip of a lifetime and it’s like no other. I highly recommend it – although, beware, it’s addictive!”

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To experience LES MILLS TRIP for yourself visit Atmosphere Health & Fitness Signature.

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