Local Sydney producer Delicious Foods Australia announces the expanded national distribution of their range’s Dahlicious and Veglicious across NSW and Victoria.

For consumers seeking plant-based, quick meals, founder Nicole Mahler has created a unique range. NSW distributors Two Providores, Victorian distributor Gluten Free 4 All, retailers Harris Farm Markets and independent retailers including Ritchies IGA are now distributing and ranging the six plant-based, guilt-free chilled meal products. This builds on the distribution success in the Queensland market with Inspired Foods.

Delicious Foods Australia delivers a rustic tasty range of flavours, with an ethos of no additives, preservatives or fillers offering consumers a convenient alternative to ‘fatty’ fast food.

“It’s all about sharing the love of good food. By producing healthy, plant-based chilled meals and making them more widely available” says Nicole. “I want to make choosing quick meals, healthy and delicious. Having a busy lifestyle shouldn’t mean sacrificing healthy” says Nicole. Dahlicious and Veglicious range’s deliver healthy and easy, and are the only range of three-minute plant-based chilled meals available in independent supermarkets. It’s fantastic for families with vegan and gluten free dietry needs, or busy office and shift workers. In three-minutes you can have a proper meal on the table”.

Not only are the heat and serve meals packed full of taste and flavour, they have been awarded a ‘five-star’ health rating across both the Dahlicious and Veglicious range’s.

“We use real ingredients in all our products. Dahlicious Lime Spinach Dahl’ is 98% packed full of nutrient dense ingredients. Lime juice offers vitamins and minerals, including potassium. Spinach is packed with vitamins K, A and C, as well as folate, manganese, magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium” explains Nicole.

The idea for Dahlicious was founded when Claudia, Nicole’s daughter began her career in nursing and turned to a vegan diet. With the grueling shift hours, Claudia was eating poorly, relying on junk food and snacks available from the vending machines in hospitals. Nicole began sending Dahl with her to work which immediately improved her health and well-being. As a result, Nicole’s tasty, vegan, healthy meals with Indian spices became the talk of St George Hospital in south eastern Sydney.

More recently Nicole has created Veglicious, a 100% plant based French farmhouse range of thee-minute meals. This inspired range includes Ratatouille, Cassoulet and Ragout.

With expanded distribution, the Delicious Foods Australia range, will be more readily available to consumers through independent IGA stores including Ritchies and IGA SupaBarn stores, and Harris Farm Markets across NSW.

The range comes in fridge ready, 500g packs. Each pack contains two generous serves. RRP is $9.95 per pack offering exceptional value per meal.

Our Sydney based distributor, Two Providores is excited to be managing the wholesaling for Delicious Foods Australia across NSW and ACT.

To find out more go to www.deliciousfoodsaustralia.com