Want finance for a new AV installation for LES MILLS™ VIRTUAL – from $74 per week? Here’s how.

LES MILLS™ Virtual is a proven solution for clubs and studios that want to engage their members by providing the classes they love and want.

Willows Health & Lifestyle Centre in Queensland installed LES MILLS Virtual in their cycle room and in the five months since launching, visits have grown by 26 per cent. In response to this, the centre has now implemented Virtual in their main group fitness studio. Troy Morgan is the Chief Executive Officer of the Willows Group and says, “The reception to this latest launch [in the main studio] was fantastic, and the key to that was the support and advice provided by Les Mills Asia Pacific. We understand that Virtual should be provided as a supplement to our current fitness offering, rather than as an alternative or something that will take over or replace the existing classes. Once you clearly convey this message and it’s understood by your members, your team and your community, it really works.”

Karen Rawlings, owner of Health & Fitness World in Launceston Tasmania has also reaped the benefits of LES MILLS Virtual.

“For me, as club owner, the biggest benefit of LES MILLS Virtual has been the reduced stress in running group fitness. Although the Instructors were a little hesitant at first but they now realise that this is a great asset to our club; they appreciate that it has taken the pressure off them trying to find covers or letting the members down if they are unable to instruct their class. Our Instructors are recovering quicker because they don’t feel they need to work if they are injured or unwell, and our other Instructors are not burning out from taking too many classes.”

Now, thanks to a new financing partnership between Les Mills Asia Pacific and external, third-party finance solutions provider Finance@work, a brand new audio visual (AV) installation for use with LES MILLS Virtual, is more affordable than ever. In fact, a Standard Industry Installation can start from as little as $74 per week*. Alternatively, clubs and other fitness facilities can access an Upgraded Installation from $120 per week*, a Stand-Out Installation from $216 per week* or a Market-Leading AV Installation from $348 per week*.

When purchasing an AV Installation, clubs and studios can also tap into finance for 12, 24 or 36-set packages of LES MILLS™ SMART TECH equipment, which is ideal for use with LES MILLS Virtual, live Les Mills classes and even personal training and gym-based training. Considering SMART TECH has been shown to increase member engagement and satisfaction, and a 12-set package starts from as little as $70.59 per week, savvy clubs and studios will want to find out more.

Of course, terms and conditions apply, and agreements are subject to finance approval, but when you consider that 35 per cent of group fitness users say equipment is a reason they go to their current gym^, clubs will want to contact the Les Mills Asia Pacific Business Partnership Manager in their state, to discuss your individual needs.

*For approved customers only. Terms and conditions apply. Prices stated are for a 60-month payment plan and are indicative only. For AV installations in clubs with existing AV systems the price may be lower.

^2019 Les Mills Global Consumer Fitness Survey