Education Company Fitness Education Online have just released their newest CEC course Training Clients With Physical and Intellectual Disabilities.

This course is the first of its kind in Australia and currently the only Fitness Australia registered CEC course in the category of training people with disabilities.

The idea for the course came about after Fitness Education Online surveyed their members on what topic they would like to see covered in an online summit. The overwhelming response from their members was that when it comes to training clients with special needs (both physical and intellectual), there is very little out there in terms of CEC courses that cover these topics. Fitness Education Online then gathered some of the leading experts across Australia, New Zealand and the USA who currently work exclusively with clients with special needs and put together an online summit “Training Clients With Special Needs”. This summit formed the basis of the course that is now a registered CEC course.

According to the Australian Government AIHW website, currently 18% of the Australian population is living with a disability (approx. 4.4 million people). Of those 4.4 million people 32% have a profound disability (around 1.4 million) and 23% have a mental or behavioural disability. Fitness Education Online CEO Jono Petrohilos states that his goal is that this section of population have the opportunity to exercise in a safe, fun and effective environment with qualified trainers and that the trainers have the skills and confidence to safety train this population.

On completion of this course, students will be qualified to train clients with special needs while staying within the scope of a Fitness Professional which includes:

– no diagnostic tests or procedures

– no therapeutic treatment or independent rehabilitative exercise prescription

– no independent exercise prescription for high risk clients

If you’d like more info on the course, you can find it here:

Fitness Education Online also recommend Trainers should speak to their respective insurance provider before training clients with special needs.