Catherine Saxelby reports on the latest research and all you need to know on fish oils in a handy eBook!

There’s lots of disbelief in the role of fish oil capsules to prevent heart disease so I was pleased to read a Cochrane review published recently in March 2020 that compiled the results of 86 trials using a huge 162,796 participants.

Of the 86, most trials gave capsules, and 19 trials gave at least 3 grams a day of long-chain omega-3 (more than is suggested by our Heart Foundation which only suggests half a gram or 500 mg a day).

They found that increasing the long-chain omega-3 may slightly reduce deaths from heart disease or heart disease events but the effects were small.

Interestingly taking fish oil capsules caused little or no effect on serious adverse events such falls or, increases in fatness, lipids or blood pressure, and it DID reduce triglycerides by around 15 per cent in a dose-dependent way. Good news for us all.

For the original study, click here.

I’m thrilled to let you know that my latest eBook has gone live at last! Here’s the direct link. It’s a really comprehensive look at all things fish oil and a bargain at only $9.99!

This new book, Fish Oils and Omega-3s, aims to answer an oft-asked question – “what’s the best brand of fish oil to buy?”

What you’ll get:

  • A well-designed and beautifully-formatted eBook
  • Professionally-edited and expertly-proofread text that is easy to read
  • The benefit of my weeks and weeks of research into fish oil capsules plus my years of experience as a dietitian, which have directed this book.
  • Free cheat sheets.

Fish Oils and Omega-3s covers many topics including:

  • Oxidation and rancidity of fish oil
  • Where does fish oil come from?
  • Do I need to take fish oil? Why not just eat fish?
  • How much fish oil do I need?
  • What’s the best brand to buy?
  • Is liquid oil any better than the capsules?
  • How do they make them odourless?
  • Is there a problem with mercury or iodine in fish oil?
  • The soft outer gel shell — what’s it made from?
  • Can you take fish oil if you have an allergy to fish or seafood?
  • Is NZ green-lipped mussel oil any better than fish oil?
  • What about algal oils containing omega-3?
  • What about modified oilseed oils containing omega-3?
  • Krill oil vs fish oil
  • Cod liver oil vs fish oil

But that’s not all!
When you buy your copy, you’ll also receive free cheat sheets that include a table of the most popular capsules for sale and how their cost was calculated; a chart showing how the omega-3s compete with the omega-6s, plant sources of omega-3 in detail, and more.

Head over to the website where you can view all the info about the eBook’s approach and contents. You’ll be able to buy your copy now for only $9.99.

It’s available as a PDF to read on a PC or laptop, an ePub file for most reading devices, plus a Mobi file for reading on a Kindle. There are full instructions for downloading it on the website and a link to Book Funnel for more help if you need it.

Grab your copy now and please feel free to email me your thoughts. I hope you find it useful