Enterprise Fitness are the first personal training studio to become Quality Accredited

Enterprise Fitness pride themselves on leading by example, and that is exactly what they have done by becoming the first personal training studio to achieve Quality Accreditation.

The Quality Accreditation Program by Fitness Australia, the national peak fitness industry association, is designed to continuously build on the quality of a fitness business, with customer care and value being the ultimate goals.

Mark Ottobre, the Owner and Director of Melbourne based Enterprise Fitness said “Our goal is to set the standard and lead the way for personal training businesses and personal trainers.”

“The accreditation confirms our commitment to delivering the highest quality fitness experience for our members.  It’s an honour to be the first personal training studio to achieve this.”

Scott Bumpstead, Manager of Quality Accreditation and Compliance at Fitness Australia, says:

“It’s outstanding to see Enterprise Fitness achieve quality accreditation.  Time and time again we are hearing about the benefits club owners, their teams and their members are receiving from taking part in the program.”

“As part of the accreditation, business managers are provided with feedback in order to improve the effectiveness of their business. Enterprise Fitness was a shining example of how systems can be used to enhance and streamline the daily operations in a fitness business” says Scott.

Mark added “Developing systems has been an important part of evolving and growing our business, so it was rewarding to learn our investment in operational efficiencies has been worthwhile.”

“Embarking on the Quality Accreditation program was akin to undertaking a Master degree for your business.  It takes commitment to complete but is well worthwhile as it highlights weak and strong links in your business,” says Mark.

Fitness Australia’s Quality Accreditation Program is available to fitness businesses in Australia via  accreditation.fitness.org.au or for more information call 1300 211 311.

About Fitness Australia

Fitness Australia is the national peak fitness industry association which exists to empower over 22,000 AusREPs and 3,300 fitness businesses owners to engage more Australians in quality health and fitness services. Visit fitness.org.au

About Enterprise Fitness 

Enterprise Fitness Australia is one of Melbourne’s leading personal training studios that turns its member’s fitness goals into reality by making health and fitness a part of their lifestyle, through education.