Fitness Australia opens the Australian Register of Exercise Professionals to allow for more Degree-qualified people working in fitness

Peak industry association, Fitness Australia, today announces that it has broadened the Australian Register of Exercise Professionals to allow for more of those who have relevant University Degrees working in fitness.

“We’re listening to employers, and have recognised their needs for a more robust workforce, with the added credibility of being an AusREP,” explains Barrie Elvish, CEO of Fitness Australia, who administers the official Australian Register of Exercise Professionals.

“It’s important that as an industry body we recognise the work and contribution of Degree qualified professionals in the fitness industry. They play a great role in servicing clients, including athletes, people with disabilities or people with managed chronic health conditions – all supportive of our vision to encourage people in the corners of every community to be physically active for better health,” adds Barrie.

“We’re all for offering employers a broad choice of qualified professionals.”

Fitness Australia’s new direction promotes the notion of having a broad spectrum of advisors of physical activity in its realm.

If you’ve completed an Exercise/Sport/Health Science Degree (or alike)* and want to Register with Fitness Australia, visit to get the process started. Or for more information call 1300 211 311 or email

*Eligibility to be registered will be determined by Fitness Australia, based on the subjects completed, during the application process.