Music copyright negotiations set to give licensed fitness providers a reduction in fees

A new music copyright initiative branded OneMusic Australia takes effect today, with many fitness, exercise and wellbeing music licensees set to experience an average 6.5% saving on their music fees.

OneMusic is in place to consolidate music licence transactions with Australia’s two music rights management bodies PPCA and APRA AMCOS.

Fitness Australia was approached by PPCA and APRA AMCOS two years ago about the OneMusic initiative, so they could best understand the industry’s needs.

“We since formed a Fitness Industry Music Copyright Response Committee consisting of representatives from nine different business models and have been in negotiations since then with a view to providing the industry a fair and reasonable tariff,” explains Barrie Elvish, CEO of peak industry  association Fitness Australia. “There are several positive outcomes to our negotiations including OneMusic’s definition of a class size and of background music, but the biggest impact for most will be felt when they receive their next music license invoice. We envisage an average 6.5% saving on license fees, and in some cases significantly more.”

“I’m confident that tariff classifications now more in‐line with the reality of delivering exercise services ‐ a direct result of our broad industry consultation process. I see this as a very successful negotiation that we’ve facilitated on behalf of the fitness industry,” adds Barrie.

What’s changed?

A few key changes include:

The definition of a class has now changed to be a better reflection of industry.

  • Group Personal Training of up to eight members on the gym floor, where the music isn’t tailored or changed for that session, will no longer be considered a class, it’s now included in the background music tariff.
  • Video music played on screens and virtual classes are now included in the background music tariff.
  • Existing licenses with PPCA and APRA AMCOS will now come under one license structure by OneMusic. Note that businesses are still able to only take out the rights for APRA AMCOS or PPCA should they wish to use music that is only subject to partial rights.

What’s next?

OneMusic will be in contact with APRA AMCOS and PPCA licensees as of July 1, 2019.

Questions about music licensing should be directed to OneMusic Australia who can be contacted on 1300 162 162, email or download OneMusic Australia Licensing Information Sheet on Fitness, Exercise & Wellbeing.

Questions about the Fitness Industry Music Copyright Response Committee negotiations should be directed to Fitness Australia via phone 1300 211 311, email or on socials @wearefitnessaustralia