Having the right exercise professional or fitness facility can play a key role for better health and fitness results.

“Committing to better health is an important life goal to have, so choosing the right provider for your exercise needs is crucial,” says Jayne Blake, Chairperson of Fitness Australia, the peak fitness industry association.

Jayne stresses the importance of knowing what to look for in a Personal Trainer or gym.

“We have over 22,000 Registered Trainers and Instructors on the Australian Register of Exercise Professionals who are qualified, committed to a Code of Ethics and each have their own specific skill set that we’ve verified should you need it, like if you’re pregnant, just had a baby or have a chronic health condition.”

Having the right exercise professional or fitness facility can play a key role in achieving tailored support for better health and fitness.

“We’re spoilt with so many choices these days, whether it’s a 24/7 gym, boutique fitness studio or community fitness centre, choosing a Fitness Australia member facility means you’re exercising with a provider who’s committed to best-practice, a Code of Practice and client safety.”

According to NSW Fair Trading there’s been a significant drop in fitness consumer complaints over the last 12 months, and Fitness Australia would like to see it keep dropping.

“Look at whether the gym, studio or leisure centre you’re looking to join is a member of Fitness Australia, check that their agreement terms suit you and that they have the range of services and facilities you’re looking for,” adds Jayne.

To check if your Trainer or Instructor is on the Australian Register of Exercise Professionals, and see what’s in their skill set, visit fitness.org.au/FindaTrainer

If you’re looking for a gym, studio or fitness centre that’s a member of Fitness Australia visit fitness.org.au/FindaGym