Have your say on top fitness trends for 2022.

Fitness trends have changed significantly over the past 12-months with people getting more adaptive to staying active during pandemic restrictions and lockdowns. So, how will this influence the future top fitness trends of 2022? Fitness Australia has today launched its 3rd Health and Fitness Industry Trends survey to find out what tops the list.  

Fitness Australia CEO Barrie Elvish said the Health and Fitness Industry Trends Report aims to help the range of health and fitness business in the industry stay at the forefront of what is trending and the variety of options that can be offered to their clients and gym members. 

Mr Elvish said:

“The survey is about identifying trends across the whole community, not just in a commercial setting. Understanding and sharing data on the latest trends is vital for businesses in planning their classes and overall offering to clients and gym members.” 

“People exercise and keep active for all types of reasons from helping to manage mental health and wellbeing, to weight loss and building strength or even just the social and community benefit of keeping active with friends. It all makes a difference to our overall health and wellbeing, which as we know during the pandemic is extremely important. 

A recent study* in the British Journal of Sports Medicine even suggests that routine activity may help protect people who get COVID-19 from becoming seriously ill.” 

“Last year the top trend was strength training with free weights, driven by the ability to be adaptive with this type of training while in lockdown. We saw all sorts of household items used as free weights!” 

“Now with gyms back open, people are continuing to use more specialised and functional free weights in their fitness routine or with the support of a personal trainer.” 

“We are looking forward to seeing what the forecasted top trends of 2022 will be and are urging all business owners and managers, exercise professionals, allied health professionals and medical professionals involved in the fitness sector to have their say.”

To have your say on the anticipated future health and fitness trends complete the survey before 31 July via here