The latest fitness trends for 2023 have been ranked by AUSactive following a national survey of industry professionals and businesses, with Fitness Programs for Older Adults taking the top spot for the first time.

The AUSactive survey found the industry continues to return to pre-pandemic levels with Body Weight Training and Home Exercise falling in popularity as people return to group exercise and facility-based exercise.

AUSactive CEO Barrie Elvish said it was great to see Fitness Programs for Older Adults climb to the top spot after regularly featured very highly in previous years both in Australia and internationally.  

Mr Elvish said:

“I speak from personal experience that It’s fantastic to see older Australians taking up regular exercise programs. We’ve found since the pandemic, many people in our communities are more focused on their overall health and the benefits exercise has on our mind and body.” 

“With an ageing population that continues to grow in size, it’s important for our businesses and registered exercise professionals to develop quality programs designed to improve the health and quality of life of the older adult population.” 


Fitness Programs for Older Adults


Functional Fitness Training


Strength Training with Free Weights


Group Exercise Training


Employing Registered Exercise Professionals


Wearable Technology




Outdoor Activities


Personal Training


Body Weight Training

Linda Clark, a Group Fitness Instructor from Castle Hill Fitness and Aquatic Centre where their timetable now has five dedicated seniors’ classes each week, said older adults were now more aware of preventative health than ever before. 

Ms Clark said:

The seniors who attend these classes are looking at exercise as a way of increasing their longevity and quality of life, while lessening the risk of diseases associated with ageing.

“It’s actually inspiring to see. They love coming to class! Their social network increases and many leave class to have a coffee together. Not only do we have group fitness classes, but we also offer Seniors’ gymnastics and Seniors’ yoga programs.

“Just over 10 years ago we only had one class a week so it’s fantastic to see the demand from this demographic growing.”  

Mr Elvish said the survey also found the number of Australian group fitness businesses, including Pilates, continues to rise, representing the demand for a social and affordable way to exercise.  

Mr Elvish said:

“This change reinforces the desire of Australians to return to health and fitness facilities – not only for exercise but for the sense of community and social nature of exercising with other people.” 

“For the first time, Pilates has entered the top 10 too, ranking at 7, and in Australia features the highest compared to other regions around the world.  

“There is little surprise in that result, as there has been a surge in interest in mind-body modalities, including Yoga, as many people are looking to take a holistic approach to their health.”