Building on its success in Australia, FITREC has begun to pursue its aim of bringing together a global fitness community with the introduction of Foundation Registrations for fitness professionals in Singapore.

“The fitness industry is global”, says Dennis Hosking, FITREC’s Managing Director. “Businesses, educators and service providers operate internationally. Professionals are exposed to global ideas and, in some cases, have their own multi-national audience. The wants and expectations of clients are similar the world over. As an industry, there is a lot to gain by adopting a universal benchmarking tool.”

Dennis adds, “Lifestyle diseases are on the rise worldwide. Our best chance at influencing more people for the better is going to come from stronger connections across our global fitness community.”

Recognising that not all markets are the same, Dennis states that FITREC will be as responsive to the Singapore fitness community as it has been to the Australian community.

FITREC’s unique approach to registration has been a big part of its success in Australia. Rather than attempt to ‘govern’ a diverse industry, FITREC has sought to become the glue that binds the industry together. To this end, a big focus has been on the transparency and accountability of professionals and the provision of a universal FITREC Rating.

“The fitness industry is not without its detractors. With FITREC registration our aim is to provide a platform from which accomplished and experienced professionals are more easily identified.”

Foundation One registration for professionals in Singapore will be open until the end of May (limited to 50).