Fitness Business Breakfast Webinar: How Persuasion Smart Are You with Michelle Bowden.

Friday 19th February @ 8:45am (Sydney time)
  • Thursday 18th @ 3:45pm (US ETS); 2:45pm (US CST), 12:45pm (US PST)
  • Thursday 18th @ 9:45pm (London)

As a fitness business professional there’s nothing more important than persuasion. You use persuasion to bring in business, create functional relationships, ensure your clients get results, improve productivity and morale in your team and run your business profitably. Everything begins and ends with persuasion.

So the question is…How Persuasion Smart are you?

Join Michelle Bowden (the co-creator of the Persuasion Smart Profile) and understand we are not all persuaded in the same way, yet most of us tend to try to persuade others in the way that we are persuaded – because that’s what comes naturally for us. And often this leads to mixed success. Learn more about your own persuasive strengths and weaknesses and make a plan to increase your persuasive success.

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This webinar is part of the NEW Fitness Business Breakfast Webinar Series. These webinars will be held on the third Friday of the month at 8:45am and are FREE thanks to REX Roundtables and one of the amazing REX Preferred Suppliers.

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