Genesis Health + Fitness is expanding its business model and franchise offering with the introduction of ‘Genesis Express’ clubs.

These clubs operate within a smaller footprint and will feature the core, ‘hero’ elements of the Genesis model in a compact format.

The CEO of Genesis Health + Fitness Ian Jensen-Muir said the Genesis Express model had been in development for more than 12 months, with much consideration given to the design and inclusions to ensure the offering was strong and didn’t diverge from the brand people know and love.

Ian said:

“These clubs may be up to a quarter of the size of some of our larger facilities yet will still provide the most popular features that members would expect when attending one of our gyms.”

“This cost-effective option will appeal to many new franchisees because of the smaller upfront investment and quick time to market and will allow owners to customise the gym for the local area giving them a competitive edge.

“It also allows franchisees to get into busy suburbs, where larger floorspaces just aren’t available, and also suits growing Australian regional areas that don’t need to service larger numbers in a large space.”

Having recently commenced a national rollout of Reformer Pilates, Ian said we was confident about what lies ahead in 2022 for Genesis Health + Fitness.

“We are innovating and responding to changes in the market with enthusiasm and an open mind to ensure we continue to meet the needs of both our members and franchisees.”

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