Genesis Health + Fitness is in the process of rolling out Evolt 360 Body Scanners at club sites around the country.

The rollout commenced in 2022, with the first eight clubs installing the technology.

As 2023 kicks off, the rollout continues at full steam, with most clubs in the network due to introduce the scanners this year.

Evolt 360 Body scan technology uses bio-impedance analysis (BIA) to provide highly accurate measurements of body composition, including body fat percentage, muscle mass, and hydration levels. This information can be used to tailor workout and nutrition plans to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Genesis Health + Fitness CEO Ian Jensen-Muir said the benefits for both members and franchisees were very clear.

“The body scanners allow us to really personalise the support we are offering to members and help them with their personal goals, establishing a clear starting point and monitoring progress over time. Our trainers have accurate information to base their advice on and members can make more informed decisions with the output from the scan.

“For our clubs, it’s a powerful point of difference and enables our franchisees to extend the service level offered to members without lifting a finger.”

Owner of Genesis Health + Fitness Windsor and Lawnton Brenton Williamson said the scanners make onboarding members much smoother.

“For our trainers and coaches, it’s like magic. The scanners give an instant picture of a person’s state of health and this makes the assessment, program design and the regular reviews much quicker, more accurate and better tailored to the individual.

“Use of the scanners is a great additional benefit we can offer members – one that’s fully self-service. The members can continually assess and monitor their body compositions change over time – it’s like having a team of coaches sitting at our front reception – yet it’s all done by the member with a few clicks of a button. Our members have really taken to it.”

Genesis Health + Fitness National Fitness Manager Sam Merza said wider accessibility of intelligent body scanners was the way of the future.

Sam said:

“The scans are non-invasive, can be completed fully clothed and the output includes information like body fat, internal fat, muscle mass, hydration levels, mineral levels and even bone density.

“The scales are out the window these days –  less people care purely about weight and that’s great, because it’s really not an accurate indicator of what’s going on in your body and how you’re progressing. The focus is on body health, wellness and fat percentages.”