Introducing a new world of health and fitness with a social feed you won’t feel guilty bingeing on.

The first social media networking site dedicated to health and fitness launches globally on the 8th of September 2018. The streamlined platform, which combines the best of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and eBay, brings fitness pros, businesses and followers together in a like-minded community on a global scale. This is social media consumption you can finally feel good about.
“While people are sharing some great fitness conversations on social media, the irony for fitness fans is that scrolling through unwanted news, promotions or deciding if a picture is a door or a beach is as far removed from engaging in fitness as you can get,” said John Fenga and Ella Alexandra, ESR You Co-Founders. “We built ESR You to help active people cut out flabby social media bingeing habits. Our users explore and find content they want; education, inspiration, products, classes and events, content that breaks down barriers to fitness and gives them effortless, convenient access to a world of wellbeing support.”
In this dynamic social space, health and fitness brands can retain loyal customers, reach new customers and build vibrant meaningful communities. The platform is visually compelling, highly configurable and technically robust, delivering an intuitive user-experience with features including:
  • Events – as well as online events, find the gyms, classes and activities you want to go to IRL, with people you want to be with, in a location that works for you.
  • Groups – a robust solution for social or sporting communities to come together in a private online space.
  • Listings – can be used for job postings, property listings (e.g. studios for hire), healthy food and entertainment.
  • Channels – much like YouTube, Channels offer users the best way to connect and keep viewers tuned in for the long run.
  • Stores – set up shop and sell your products or services with a complete e-commerce solution. Keep it social by chatting with your customers too – just like you would IRL.
Today, globally, over 3 billion people are active on social media, with trends suggesting there are 1.1 million new users every day. That’s almost 13 new users every second! The global fitness industry is keeping pace with reports saying health club membership grew in 2017 to more than 162 million.
“Frankly, there couldn’t be a better match,” said Alexandra. “We believe ESR You Social will raise the social networking bar – and then vault over it. “
Built strong and flexible, just like the health and fitness users it caters for, ESR You social media platform is set to take the digital space by storm.