Fitness Australia CEO, Barrie Elvish assures us that gyms do not need to shut down.

Following PM Scott Morrison’s statement earlier today, it is our understanding that the 100-person limit for static indoor gatherings applies to the whole venue not individual rooms such as gym studios session rooms.

However, we are currently seeking clarification on this and will provide further information once available.

Based on today’s Government announcement regarding these additional measures for social distancing, we recommend reducing or capping class sizes to limit internal number and ensure more space between members, creating more space between treadmills and other equipment by either removing or switching off every second piece of equipment.

We know additional cleaning and other facility-based measures are already in place. However, continuous clear communication to your gym members about practicing safe and hygienic workouts continues to be of utmost importance.

All facility hygiene measures and member communication about hygienic practices while attending the gym should be clearly visible throughout the facility and communicated verbally to all members frequently.

Maintaining our physical and mental health during these worrying times is significantly important.

As an industry, the role we can play in ensuring people feel safe to continue to be active during these unprecedented circumstances is vital.

Fitness Australia is currently advocating for gyms to be considered essential services due to the important role regular and consistent exercise has on an individual’s immune system and their overall physical and mental health.

While it is important to keep people active, it is also imperative we continue to show leadership and ensure all facilities are implementing self-distancing measures and robust hygiene practices to ensure the continued safety of the more than 4 million gym members across Australia.


For more information, see our COVID-19 full reference guide here