This new book is a practical guide to boosting your happiness and adaptability in uncertain times.

In a time of global crisis the traditional pathway to success and ultimately happiness no longer exists. Success today isn’t about the perfect plan to achieve more. A brave new world is calling us to throw out the rulebook and leap into the unknown. But how can we learn to navigate and thrive in uncertainty?

That’s exactly what Hacking Happiness (Wiley $29.95, 1 Sep 2020) author and TedX speaker Penny Locaso did when she turned her life upside-down to tackle our happiness-deficit problem. She left a sixteen-year career as an executive, relocated a family from Perth back to Melbourne, left an 18-year relationship and started her own purpose driven company. Penny emerged as the world’s first Happiness Hacker and the inventor of the Intentional Adaptability Quotient®: a quantifiable method for individuals and organisations to become more skillful at, and even relish, adapting to rapid change.

In this fascinating book, Locaso explains that in times of great disruption we need to prioritise happiness in our lives to build a solid foundation to innovate and thrive.  Through activities, powerful learning and assessment tools, this essential guidebook helps you unlock growth, success and ultimately more happiness in an uncertain future.  Readers will learn how to:

  • Redefine success and infuse more joy into each day
  • Develop a mindset that is open to change and instability
  • Increase focus while living in a world filled with distractions
  • Find the courage and confidence to face fear and shape change
  • Intensify human connection, self-accountability and reflection

Practical, insightful and accessibly written, Hacking Happiness shows that by surfing on the edges of our comfort zone we can intentionally adapt to create the successful and fulfilling future we want.

Author Penny Locaso is an internationally acclaimed TEDx and keynote speaker, educational innovator, and one of the most influential female entrepreneurs in Australia. She is the creator of the world-first Hacking Happiness measurement tool (The Intentional Adaptability Quotient® (IAQ)) an education program that decodes the skills required to not only navigate but thrive in complex and uncertain change. Penny is a faculty member at the esteemed Singularity University and has partnered with prestigious brands including Google, Microsoft, SalesForce, Deloitte and KPMG, to name a few. 

(Wiley $29.95, 1 Sep 2020)