The Fitness Business Podcast has hit a major podcast milestone, half a million downloads!

Since launching in 2015, The Fitness Business Podcast has become one of the fitness industry’s leading sources of education, each week showcasing an expert guest that shares key business learnings in under 30 minutes.

Host of the show Chantal Brodrick said:

“After steady growth in the early years, we have seen a significant spike in downloads in the past 12 months.  What originally took us two years to reach (100,000) is now taking just 5 months!”

“This rapid increase in downloads can be attributed to several factors”  said the podcast owner, Justin Tamsett.  “Improved consumer awareness of the podcast medium, listener  reviews and referrals, support from industry partners and associations, and above all else, our focus on producing a high-quality product 52 weeks a year and releasing it at the same time and day each week.”  said Tamsett.

“People thrive on consistency and familiarity.  Just like a great pre-choreographed group fitness class, we follow a strict format for every episode.  This assures our listeners they know what to expect week in, week out, and they know they can rely on us to support them in their business and in their career.” said Brodrick.

Recent listener feedback further confirms the impact being made by The Fitness Business Podcast.

“Operating in a rural area, and being the only business with this kind of model anywhere around, I didn’t have people I could chat with about concerns, ideas, etc. The Fitness Business Podcast has been like having a mentor, I could go to anytime of the day or night. I recently went back to the first episode to listen again, finding now that I’m at a different stage in my business, those replayed episodes are again offering valuable advice I had passed over in the first listen. Thank you Chantal and everyone at The Fitness Business Podcast for helping my dream of owning a successful fitness business become a reality.”

“Our goal is to help fitness owners like Amber run successful and profitable businesses and we know there are hundreds of thousands more people we can help.” said Brodrick.

“We are proud of reaching this milestone but we have no intention of slowing down! Our goal is to reach 1 million downloads by December 2020.”

The Fitness Business Podcast

Launched in May 2015, The Fitness Business Podcast has produced 262 weekly shows, resulting in over 500,000+ downloads to date.  The show features industry experts, best-selling authors and club managers, all sharing their expertise and experience with listeners.  The weekly Fitness Business Podcast can be found on iTunes or at  For more details about the world’s first and premier Fitness Business Podcast, contact from Chantal Brodrick on +61 2 9484 5501 or email