Stick Mobility is intended to help users increase their fitness, strength, muscle activation and range of motion. Stick Mobility is simple and effective – all you need is a stick!

The first Stick Mobility Level 1 Certification Courses in Australia are being run during October and November.  Our Level 1 Certification allows flexibility in your Professional Development planning.  It can be completed in one weekend where Part A & B are scheduled on consecutive days, or can be completed one day at a time with Part A & B being completed sometime apart – start with Part A and complete Part B at your convenience.

  • Part A of the Level 1 course will cover the basics of the Stick Mobility System and attendees will learn a selection of commonly used joint mobilisation, strengthening and deep fascial stretching exercises.  Part A will give attendees a base level of knowledge of Stick exercises that they can use “one on one” with their patients or clients.
  • Part B of the Level 1 course will add a lot more exercises to the attendees repertoire.  Those completing Part B of the course should feel confident to run their own Stick Mobility classes on returning to their workplace.  Part B of the course includes access to 112 on line instructional videos, plus 12 video examples of 1 hour classes, plus another 22 videos of more advanced mobility, strength and stretching exercises.

Course locations and dates

Have a question about the Stick Mobility product or courses, or if you’d like a demonstration of the use of the sticks, email