Want to be featured in the media?

With content creation at an all time high, there has never been a greater time to make a statement and cut through the noise.

The FITtopia Media Hub is designed to change the health, fitness and lifestyle content landscape. No longer will it be cluttered, but curated.

A private ‘member’s only’ site, FITtopia Media Hub allows experts to post their story ideas – from tips, new research and recipes to workouts and trends – all for the media to access with the intention of publishing to build your brand credibility.

Journalists can also send out ‘call outs’ when they are looking for experts to comment on their existing articles.

With the likes of Sydney Morning Herald, Women’s Health, Body and Soul and Marie Claire on board, you will certainly be showcased in front of very good company!

We charge a membership fee of $25 per week to be on the site, just a fraction of what it would cost to run a dedicated PR and marketing campaign.

Because the players are the same, but the game has changed!

How it works


Post your story ideas to our ‘members only’ hub for journalists to consider for publishing


The journo can direct message the expert if they have questions and want to beef up the story idea


A journalists can post a ‘call out’ with the brief that will be messaged to the experts on our platform. If you feel you are suitable for that story then you can pitch yourself in for consideration

Be featured on our exclusive expert lists

We will be approaching the journalists with the best story ideas a few times per week to ensure our members get featured and are constantly top of mind


Receive an in-depth guidebook outlining how come up with the best story ideas for your brand and how to stand out on the platform.


You will also get a full membership to the FITtopia platform so you can upload your business info for consumers to find you. FITtopia is essentially a ‘trip advisor’ of health and fitness. fittopia.com.au