Belonging: Health and fitness are for everyone, but how can our industry better harness diversity, equity and inclusion?

The role of the Committee is to assist and advise the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities relating to the provision of leadership and oversight of the AUSactive strategic performance in diversity, equity and inclusion.

What do we mean by Diversity: Diversity is the outcome of conscious inclusion. It is recognising, respecting and valuing individual differences that intersect and form who they are.

What do we mean by Equity: Everyone has fair access to opportunities based on their individual needs.

What do we mean by Inclusion: Proactive and intentional behaviours that create an environment where people feel a sense of belonging.


  • Committee members will bring knowledge, expertise, and insights from within and beyond the active recreation sector
  • Committee members will bring a diversity of skills, backgrounds and lived experiences, being representative of today’s Australian community
  • Committee members will have good communication and interpersonal skills, including being receptive of change
  • Committee members should have the ability to provide calculated opinions in group discussions at committee meetings, while being considerate of others and/or conflicting ideas and opinions
  • Committee members should have knowledge and skills in relation to corporate governance


  • AUSactive are specifically seeking individuals from the following backgrounds:
    • First Nations people and cultures
    • Culturally and linguistically diverse
    • LGBTIQ+
    • Those with a disability
  • AUSactive are encouraging nominees from a diverse geographic background (metropolitan, rural and regional Australia)
  • Membership of AUSactive is not a prerequisite


Download your nomination form here!