Mother-daughter duo Monica and Jacque Yates have launched Australia’s first healthy gift hamper delivery service, Healthie Hampers, containing products with holistic benefits to aid recovery and support the body’s optimal functioning. With sugar-free, dairy-free and grain-free foods, the hampers are backed by research and designed to reduce inflammation, restore the body in times of sickness and offer real food alternatives for health and vitality.

Drawing on her expertise as a Wellness and ICF certified Life Coach and passion for real, natural products, Monica and her mum Jacque were inspired to create Healthie Hampers after noticing a gap in the market for gift options that were actually healthy. The pair wanted to provide consumers with the gift of health to send to a loved one in times of sickness or need, whether that be a celebration or to simply show their love.

“After visiting multiple friends who had been hospitalised, we wanted to make a difference as we continuously saw ill, overweight people eating toxic, inflammatory and cell degenerating ‘food’. We found that there were no gift ideas available for sick friends who were in need of a care package to benefit their body, or a healthy option for family and friends who enjoyed eating clean, wholesome foods,” said Monica Yates, co-founder of Healthie Hampers.

All products in the hamper are Australian-made and carefully selected by Monica and Jacque using the latest health studies to provide consumers with foods that nourish and heal the body from the inside out. Some of the brands featured in the hampers include Good Bones Bone Broth, Dineamic Soup, Mayver’s Organic Nut Butters, Love Tea, Pumpy Jackson Chocolate and Banting Foods Porridge.

“Each product is selected based on their ability to aid the entire body, ranging from reducing inflammation to repairing joints and bones, improving circulation, aiding digestion, boosting detoxification and providing overall support to the immune system. We personally use all of the items in the hamper, which work synergistically to provide consumers with clean, fructose-free food with no toxins, fillers or additives,” said Monica.

Through Healthie Hampers and her independent coaching sessions, Monica is on a mission to raise awareness about the powerful role food plays in our overall health. She hopes to encourage a movement that sees hospitals and the wider healthcare paradigm move towards health promotion through therapeutic nutrition and lifestyle improvements.

Healthie Hampers accommodate consumer’s individual needs, offering products with a range of different flavours. The team individually packages each hamper with a personalised card outlining how each food can uniquely benefit the body.

Healthie Hampers is currently available in Melbourne, with plans to expand to Sydney in April and other capital cities throughout Australia by mid-2018. Purchase a Small Hamper for $70, a Medium Hamper for $130 and a Large Hamper for $250, online at